Be a part of hundreds if not thousands of people who will blockade the mines of RWE in the Rhineland in a act of civil disobedience. People from all over Germany and many other European countries have already signed up for the weekend. Read the Call Out.

Our action will demonstrate variety, creativity and transparency: some will protest at the edge of the open cast mine, others will block the diggers, yet others will occupy the tracks of the coal train line – together we will immobilise the lignite infrastructure. Our action is an openly announced mass blockade which provides various possibilities to join in. How this works out in practice you can see in the video of the Ende Gelaende action in 2016.

Whether you are experienced in protests or not, all can participate. We have agreed on a consensus not to initiate any escalation from our side. But we say very clearly: not a metre more, here is Ende Gelaende, here is the end of the road.

This is how we prepare

We not only announce what we want to do, we also prepare for it together. For example by special action trainings which are planned for many cities (all dates you can find here).
If there is no such training in your town, maybe you would like to organise one? We can help you and, if necessary, we can put you in contact with experienced coaches. You can find more information here: (pgp-Key)

Camps and action days in the Rhineland

From 18th to 29th of August three camps will take place in the Rhineland: the climate camp in the Rhineland, the Connecting Movements Camp and the Camp for the Future. Part of the climate camp will be for the third time the Degrowth Summer School. At the camps you will learn more about Ende Gelaende and how you can join our action.
During the action days from 24th to 29th of August in the Rhineland other protest will also take place.

Join in!

In the Paris agreement all states have agreed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. If we really want to achieve this we cannot afford to wait any longer. We need the phasing out of coal now! Ende Gelaende has issued an ultimatum to RWE demanding they start phasing out coal mining by 23rd August. After that we will pursue an active climate policy ourselves, not relying any more on governments and the big corporations. We will take the climate into our own hands.

Get more information on the RWE ultimatum.