Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

6. - 8. July: Meeting in Bremen!

Exit coal mining, Hambi stays! Being at the Hambach Forest in October, at the place of resistance against climate destruction!

Coal has to stay in the grounds to prevent the climate catastrophe. Everybody knows it, but nothing is happening. The government protects the climate damaging industries and ignores their own, insufficient climate goals. Instead of immediately turning off all of the coal power stations they use up precious time with a commission full of people slowing down the exit of coal mining. But actually we don’t have time anymore: people are already suffering from droughts, lose their home because of weather extremes and die because of climate relevant spread of infections and hunger. Therefore it’s on us to stop climate destruction now at the places where it’s being carried out.

There for Ende Gelände calls for taking a stand in October 2018 at the Hambach Forest against coal mining and the absurd compulsion for growth. The break-off edge at the open-mining pit close by is eating its way into the countryside. Only a small part of the once enormous forest remains. At the same time – after the successful prevention to clearing in 2017 – the Hambi is becoming a vibrant symbol of resistance against the fossil energy industry and capitalism for larger amounts of people. With thousands of people we will support the fight for climate justice in October with a mass action of civil disobedience.

Hambi stays!

Since ages RWE is clearing the Hambach Forest, one of the oldest mixed woodlands in Europe, to exploit the lignite underneath. Numerous activists engage on-site for the protection of the forest and for the immediate exit of coal mining. Successfully! In autumn 2017 the climate justice movement was able for the first time – using lawsuits, demonstrations, okupations, tree houses and blockades – to stop the clearing for an entire seasion. And we will do it again!
In Ocotber the next clearing season starts during which RWE wants to kill off what remains of the forest, to dig for even more coal. Put this part is a core piece and includes almost the entire biodiversity of the original forest. Every forest counts!

It becomes increasingly evident how the profit-orientated economizing destroys the basis of life – in Hambach forest and globally. Because in the time before the coal companies started with the destructive coal mining the forest was used sustainably by the local people as a common good. Therefore our resistance is also a protest against the global injustice produced by capitalism. While some gain by destroying the climate, people in front of all in the global south affected by exclusion and oppression suffer the most from the consequences of climate destruction. Also in other parts of the world people are affected by relocation, expropriation and damages to their health.

We are not accepting it anymore! The protection of the Hambach forest is our immediate direct action for climate justice. From the 25th until the 29th of October we will be an obstacle for the giant coal machinery which is threatening the Hambi. And we won’t be done with just this: we are coming to stay. Together with the activists of the forest and the local villages we will stop Europes biggest source of CO2. For a good life for everyone coal has to become history!

The type of our action is a publicly announced mass blockade with a variety of options to be a part of it. We will act in a calm and considerate manner, there won’t be upsurges from our part, we don’t put people in danger. We want to create a situation which is transparent for everyone taking part and in which we take care of and support each other.

At the end of October it’s: Ende Gelände – Hambi stays! Our Goal – End Coal! Be a part of it and block coal infrastructure with us – for an immediate coal exit, for the preservation of the forest, for a climate of justice!