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Hamburg a safe haven! §24 for ALL refugees!

The racist deportation system in Germany is once again showing its ugliest face: People who came from third countries and studied in Ukraine have sought safe haven as refugees in Hamburg. Now they are suddenly facing deportation: The Hamburg authorities are currently sending out notices according to which the people must leave the country within the next weeks. Those affected are subjected to arbitrariness and abuse of power by the authorities. The practice contradicts promises made by the Hamburg Senate.

From one day to the next, the Green Party and the SPD are kicking people, including many students from third countries such as Ghana, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh, out of public institutions. Those affected are now homeless.

This makes us angry, because every person has a right to asylum and protection from war and displacement. Instead, the racist logic of Fortress Europe becomes clear here again. White people from Ukraine are allowed to stay. Black and brown people face deportation. It is again the people who lose their livelihoods everywhere in the world, through colonialism and fossil capitalism, who now have to suffer most from the war by not experiencing protection here.

We demand the nationwide implementation of paragraph 24 of the Aufenthalsgesetz for all refugees from Ukraine, regardless of their nationality and skin color: fair and equal treatment, protection and unbureaucratic assistance and accommodation for people on the move. Secured residence for at least two years and access to studies, social benefits and health care.