Stop Coal. System Change now!


Newsletter #54

23. July 2021 The end of the month is coming, and with it our resistant action in Brunsbüttel and Hamburg! You will find the most important, (pre)last information in this newsletter. We will inform you about the two planned action zones, how to get there and how to register, the camp, hygiene concept and some important legal information. Continue reading ...

Berlin, 25.7.: BIPoC+white-passing migrants Actiontraining

This training is an all-gender training for BIPoC individuals. If you are unsure about your positioning, feel free to contact us. If you as BIPoCs have reservations or conditions about having people with white-passing privilege in the training, also feel free to contact us. *During the training there is also the possibility to split the group again for specific content*. We want to continue the process of alliance-building while achieving a baver space for all Continue reading ...

Global Call to Action on July 30th!

8. July 2021 No fracking! No fossil gas boom! Shut down colonialism and fossil fuel capitalism! Join us in an international action day against fossil gas expansion and fracking! On July 30th, we make it clear we will not accept this colonialism, environmental destruction and climate fraud! Continue reading ...

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Disobedient against capitalism and for climate justice – worldwide!

Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, extinction of species, stronger and more frequent weather extremes – these are just some of the many consequences of climate change. Those who have contributed the least are particularly hard hit: people in the Global South are already losing their homes because of the climate crisis. The climate crisis is intensifying the existing injustices worldwide. With such prospects for the future, it should go without saying that the effects of climate change should be kept to a minimum. But the reality in politics looks different: The climate protection measures adopted there, are no more than window dressing.


Stop the terminal! 29 July to 2 August at Brunsbüttel

Fossil gas, like coal, is an accelerant of the climate crisis. New gas infrastructures (like the Brunsbüttel LNG-terminal) will lead to a lock-in that will cement the fossil fuel infrastructure in Germany for decades. Fracking gas is already causing water shortages in the Global South. We stand in solidarity with the anti-colonial struggles against this and initiate an immediate exit from gas with a disobedient mass action.

System Change not Climate Change!

Capitalism is breaking the limits of the planet. Like coal, gas and oil only serve the profit interests of the fossil fuel industry, destroying livelihoods especially in the Global South. We must get out of this destructive system that puts economic growth and profits above lives and livelihoods. We stand in the way of this here and now and fight for climate justice and a socio-ecologically just system change.

The climate crisis can only be fought anti-colonially

From 23 to 28 September 2020, we opposed the destruction in the Rhineland in a mass action of civil disobedience and blocked the coal infrastructure. Currently, there is a massive conversion to gas infrastructure in Germany and Europe. Therefore, we are no longer fighting only against coal, but this year we are blocking the expansion of gas infrastructure with our mass action.

All villages stay –

Together we fight for climate justice! We will not allow the climate to heat up any further, islands to sink into the sea and more villages to be dredged for dirty brown coal.
All villages stay – in the Rhineland and worldwide. For an immediate exit from coal, gas and oil! Climate justice remains do-it-yourself!

More fossils? Not with us!
Our promise is: we’ll come back until the last digger stops!