Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!


Press contacts


  • Kathrin Henneberger: +49 152 045 608 00
  • Nike Mahlhaus: +49 157 874 141 71
  • Sina Reisch: +49 177 967 68 05

Press Kit Ende Gelaende 2019

You will find photos of our actions on our flickr account.

You are welcome to report about our action, in the days before or right from site of action. We are happy to give interviews. It’s also possible to accompany activists into the action.

Information about past actions:

  • Photos from past actions are available on the Ende Gelände flickr account . In this flickr-account you will find folders with „freie Nutzung“ – these pictures you can use without paying if you mention the name of the photographer


Press conference of the climate movement

On Wednesday, 19 June 2019, a joint press conference of the climate movement will take place at 10 a.m. There we will report on the various actions of the weekend. With: Greenpeace Deutschland, Fridays for Future, „Alle Dörfer Bleiben“ („All villages stay“) and Ende Gelände

Location: Erkelenz (near opencast mine Garzweiler) on the meadow next to the house Borschemicher Straße 32, 41812 Erkelenz


Public action training & briefing before the action

On Thursday, 20 June 2019, at 11.30 a.m., we offer you a public action training, where you can film and photograph. Afterwards, at 12.15 p.m., a press briefing will take place, to which we invite you in particular if you would like to accompany activists.

Action period is the 19.-24.06.2019

Press release, 23 June 2019, 1.50 pm

23. June 2019 Coal operations in Rhineland coalfield shut down after mass actions of civil disobedience ++ Ende Gelände is ending blockades after 48 hours

Press release – June 21, 2019 – 7.20 pm

21. June 2019 Activists are currently shutting down coal tracks in Garzweiler mine near Cologne ++ Germany's largest coal power station cut off from coal supply ++ Second wave of disobedient action expected for Saturday

Press Release 16 June, 2019

16. June 2019 Action camp by Ende Gelände will be set up today in Viersen from 2pm on ++ Court rules camp site legal ++ Thousands on their way to coal protests in the Rhineland coalfield + Reminder press conference and public action training


11. June 2019 Thousands expected for climate protests in Rhineland coalfield + Massive disobedience to confront failed German climate policy + Public action training and press briefing on 20 June 2019

Press Release, 6 May 2019

6. May 2019 Mass action of civil disobedience announced +++ Rhineland mining area to be shut down +++ joint action weekend from June 19th-24th

Presse release, 1 February 2019

1. February 2019 Climate activist block roads and bridges in Berlin, demanding immediate coal exit ++ Germany’s plan to exit coal by 2038 will miss Paris Agreement climate targets ++

Press Release 27 Oct 2018

27. October 2018 6,500 activists block mining operations in the Rhineland coalfield ++ Largest action of civil disobedience of the German climate movement

Press Release 25 October 2018

25. October 2018 Ende Gelände sets up protest camp in Stepprath for 4,000 activists +++ First camp was evicted last night +++ Public action training on Friday, October 26, 11.30am

Press release 23 October 2018

23. October 2018 Ende Gelände starts setting up the camp ++ No court decision on location of protest camp yet ++ Thousands expected to block coal infrastructure

Press release 20 October 2018

22. October 2018 No agreement on the location of the Ende Gelände protest camp ++ Lawsuit against police decision planned ++ Thousands on their way to coal blockades in the Rhineland

Press invitation October 16, 2018

16. October 2018 Thousands expected to block operations at Hambach mine (Oct 25-29) + Public action training and media briefing on 26 Oct 2018 + Special train from Prague

Press Release, 6 Oct 2018

6. October 2018 Thousands of people in the forest with Ende Gelände + Red Line against coal mining + Spaces for further occupation opened

Press Release, September 28, 2018

28. September 2018 Eviction of Hambach Forest occupation coming to an end + Activists call out for mass actions of civil disobedience in October 6 + 25-29, 2018

Press Release September 6, 2018

6. September 2018 German coal company RWE attacks tree houses in Hambach forest +++ Ende Gelände calls for civil disobedience to save the forest and the climate +++ press conference today at 3 pm in Buir (near Cologne)