Rhineland 2017: we are creating a climate of justice – colourful, noisy and queer

13. July 2017 Climate justice is also a question of feminism. When we block the lignite infrastructure in the Rhineland with thousands of activists in August, we will not only take the phasing out of fossil fuels into our own hands: We will also construct in our camps and in our actions a solidarity community beyond sexism, binary gender identity and heteronormativity.

Think about packing now

27. June 2017 You cannot prepare early enough! Even if you don't actively engage in the organisation, even if you don't travel to the meeting in Cologne , you can support Ende Gelände energetically and simply. Take all the stuff that can get you or other out of tricky situations. You don't know what?

Let‘s be self-organised and avoid waste – Ende Gelände 2017

16. June 2017 Ende Gelände is fighting climate change. We want to act as environmentally responsible as possible. In addition, we will this year – hopefully – be even more people than last year. Therefore, it is even more important that all activists participating in the action organise, prepare and equip themselves as well as possible. For this … Continued

May the hot summer begin!

3. June 2017 Dear climate justice activists, may the hot summer begin! A week from now, the Ende Gelände alliance will meet in Berlin to continue planning this year's actions in the Rhineland in August and November.


1. June 2017 To our friends from Ende Gelaende, We have heard that you, who have inspired so many of us in Europe and beyond, have decided to extend your powerful campaign against your country’s obscene and unjust attachment to lignite, the dirtiest of all the fossil fuels, by taking action to shut down a coal mine during the COP23 in Bonn. We hope that the action may turn out to be as large and powerful and inspirational as the last ones and pledge that we will do what we can to either join you in the pit(s), or help spread your story from wherever we are.

Starting the internationl mobilisation

20. May 2017 Ende Gelände is starting to mobilize international for the big action days in August. Therefore we offer you some (online) material that you can edit and change it the way you need (e.g. language etc.). Read the article to get to know more!

Ultimatum to RWE

4. May 2017 EndeGelände issues an ultimatum to RWE on phasing out coal! RWE has until August 2017 to close its open-cast mines, turn off its power stations and stop coal-based power generation. If this date passes without action we will do it.

Newsletter #15: Share this news

31. March 2017 The climate crisis is getting ever more serious. 2016 was also one of the hottest years since records began. The fight back starts now. We’re fighting against politicians who sing to Trump’s climate-denying tune all too easily and simply agreed to remove climate from the G20 agenda. Against Merkel who has delayed the coal phase-out and stands for a policy of saying nice things about the energy transition while at the same time blocking it. Against LEAG, RWE and MIBRAG who are unscrupulously trying to escalate the climate crisis further so that they can profit from it. We don’t think it’s normal that in Germany in 2017 people are being expelled from their homes to make way for expanded mines.