Order mobilisation material & support public relations work

You want to mobilize for the System Change Camp? Yeah, that’s great! 🙂You can order mobilization material for the System Change Camp 2024 in Thuringia here until Sunday, 23 June.

Our preparations for the System Change Camp are in full flow. The public relations working group has also already got a few things underway so that we can now really get started:

Order mobilisation material: Posters and stickers are now ready for printing – see for yourself! You can find the form for ordering mobi material at https://www.system-change-camp.org/en/mobilization-material/. Posters and stickers are available in three different package sizes. Register by Sunday, 23 June, and we will send you the mobi material.

Support social media: Follow us on Instagram and join our Telegram channel. We’ll keep you up to date here!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/system_change_camp/
Telegram: https://t.me/systemchangecamp
Fediverse: systemchangecamp@climatejustice.global

Local press work: We think it is important to be recognised not only nationally, but especially in the local press. If you have contacts to journalists and perhaps enjoy writing yourself, then please support us! We want to be approachable on site at the latest when the set-up starts. Fancy talking to the press? Then write to us!
info@system-change-camp.org (PGP)

You can also find all the information on our homepage: https://www.system-change-camp.org/en/.

Solidarity greetings
System Change Camp organising group



31. March 2024 Hello, There is a lot of news: After the Lüterzath eviction, the first trial dates are now trickling in, the prison sentence against a BlockNeurath activist has been overturned, but there are also a lot of other trials, of which we can probably only discuss a fraction. This time, for the further training, we have dealt with the accusation of coercion, which we are particularly concerned with in the prosecution of all kinds of blockades. And of course: AntiRRR has been around for over 10 years now. But read for yourself. Continue reading ...