Press release from 06.04.2024

6. April 2024 ++ Ende Gelände blocks the Scholven coal-fired power plant in Gelsenkirchen in Germany ++ "Stop bloody coal - phase out coal now" ++

Press Release from 16.03.2024

16. March 2024 ++ Ende Gelände protests in front of the floating terminal in Brunsbüttel ++ "Importing LNG is a climate crime" ++ International day of protest calls for "North Sea Fossil Free!"++

Press Release 01/17/2023

17. January 2023 ++ Ende Gelände blocks the Rhenish mining area ++ Coal excavators in the Inden open pit mine and coal railroad to the Neurath power plant are at a standstill ++ "Lützerath lives! From now on, Lützerath is everywhere!" ++

Press Release 08.01.2023

8. January 2023 ++ "Who attacks Lützerath, attacks our future" ++ Action alliance "Lützerath Unräumbar" announces massive resistance against the expansion of the Garzweiler open pit lignite mine ++

Press release on 17.10.2022

17. December 2022 ++ Ende Gelände announces massive resistance against fossil rollback ++ Protests at opening of LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven ++ Actions against eviction from Lützerath ++

press release on 12.10.22

12. October 2022 ++ Ende Gelände in court ++ Prosecution of climate protest is a no-go for democracy ++ Trials against activists, journalists and MPs near Leipzig begin ++

press release on 10.10.22

10. October 2022 ++ Ende Gelände mobilises to Lützerath ++ Thousands of activists expected to defend the 1.5 degree target ++

press release on 14.08.2022

14. August 2022 ++ Ende Gelände ends a successful week of action ++ Major gas consumers and liquefied natural gas terminal construction site blocked ++ Port of Hamburg paralyzed for nine hours++

Press release on 13. August 2022 at 5 pm

13. August 2022 ++ More than one thousand Ende Gelände activists have reached their action goal ++ Freight traffic in the port of Hamburg blocked ++ Police uses massive violence against climate activists ++