Mail from Hamburg authorities in connection with the action days in summer 2022 or with “Gerechtigkeit Jetzt” in 2021?

If you receive mail from the police or other state authorities in connection with the action days in August 2022 or with “Justice Now” (2021), get in touch!

Check your mailboxes

If you have received mail, please contact the respective legal teams: (PGP) or

For many people it’s all about Lützerath…

but we’re getting back to you with a short update on repressions around the action days against fossil gas & neocolonial exploitation in Northern Germany (August 9-15, 2022).

A few people have received mail from Hamburg authorities in connection with the action days in December 2022, e.g. it was about misdemeanor proceedings or a penalty order with the accusation of assault on law enforcement officers (§ 114 (StGB).

Please check your mailbox in the coming weeks and months for possible mail from authorities if you yourself were active in the action days in August 2022. It could be that the authorities will send mail to more people in the near future. So it is very important to empty your mailbox regularly, open letters and read them! If you live in a place other than where you are officially registered, ask the people at your registration address to open your mail.

If you go on vacation or do not live at your registered address for a longer period of time, ask the people at your registered address to empty your mailbox regularly. These persons should then let you know very promptly if mail from the state, such as a penalty order, has arrived.

If you receive mail from the police or other government agencies in connection for the August 2022 Days of Action, please feel free to contact us at We are a small group that does follow-up on Action Days 2022.

Feel free to write to us in code, our key is attached. If you can’t do that, you can of course write us unencrypted. Basically it is always good not to mention any names and not to write anything about if and who did anything.

Solidary greetings!

* * *

Action “Gerechtigkeit Jetzt” (2021)

If you have received mail from the authorities about Action Justice Now, contact:

As always and for both:

Don’t talk to the police, talk to your local group, affinity group or other trusted people.

Especially with punishment orders: contact the legal team quickly, you only have 2 weeks for an appeal!


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