++ Ende Gelände calls for resistance against LNG terminals in greater Hamburg area ++ Disobedient mass actions against gas and colonial continuities announced in August ++

Hamburg, 20.06.2022

Ende Gelände announces resistance to liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. The green-led Ministry of Economic Affairs wants to have the port facilities for gas import built in a rush. Accordingly, the first terminals in Wilhelmshaven and at the mouth of the Elbe are to start work in just a few months. The action alliance Ende Gelände wants to thwart these plans and will be present in the greater Hamburg area from 09 to 15 August 2022 with civil disobedience, mass and small group actions.

Luka Scott, Ende Gelände press spokesperson:

“That’s enough! Instead of finally ending the dependence on fossil energy and tackling the energy and heat transition, the German government is pumping billions into fossil infrastructure of yesterday. Pushing LNG terminals in the middle of the climate crisis is a clear declaration of war on all those fighting for climate justice. Gas is an accelerant of the climate crisis. Gas is war energy. Gas is colonial violence. Our answer is resistance! We say: Gas Exit instead of Gas Lock-In. We will end this absurdity before Robert Habeck can create facts with the gas infrastructure.”

The methane in fossil gas has a short-term effect many times more harmful to the climate than CO2. This is especially true for LNG, which requires a lot of energy to cool. The liquefied gas from the USA is also extracted using the very environmentally damaging fracking method. Indigenous communities are particularly affected. Due to the high investment volume in the infrastructure for exporting and importing LNG, scientists describe the risks of a lock-in effect that delays the climate-neutral transformation of the energy system. The LNG Acceleration Act, in effect since June, allows planned new terminals to import liquefied natural gas and fracked gas by 2043.

Luka Scott, spokesperson for Ende Gelände:

“The fossil lobby has pushed through that their dirty gas can still be bought and burned until 2043. This is not about warm homes in winter. It’s about gas-hungry industry. In the Chemparks in Wilhelmshaven, Brunsbüttel and Stade, the petrochemical plants stand close to the planned LNG terminals. It is corporations like RWE, Uniper, Shell, DOW Chemical and Co. that want to make fat profits with the gas. But every cubic meter of LNG is at the expense of people in the global south and indigenous communities and means neocolonial exploitation. We say: This is the end of the road! Immediately out of LNG, out of gas and out of all fossil energies. We need a radical system change!”

On the Elbe, the new LNG terminals are to be built in the Chemcoast Parks in Brunsbüttel and in Stade. Last year, Ende Gelände had already protested against this in Brunsbüttel with several thousand people and diverse actions. The alliance will organize a large climate camp with a diverse program in Hamburg from August 09 to 15, 2022, inviting people to combine resistance against the climate crisis and against global injustices with other social and international protests.


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