Basta de Carbón. ¡Protejamos el Clima!

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Call for Action

Angry and disobedient – Climate Justice self-made – Together we are the System Change!

The German government gave up the 1,5°C target – we do not!

While millions of people fill the streets the German governments’ reaction is a climate program that is utterly destructive. It proves once more their failure and adds fuel to the climate cirsis! Business as usual and 20 more years of dirty coal extraction?!

This is madness in terms of climate policy and means the proceeding with the destruction of our livelihood worldwide: Extreme weather events, such as heat waves, droughts and flooding are a brutal reality, in particular affecting people in the Global South. We are running out of time – a coal phase out would be the simplest emergency procedure. Now, the inactivity of the government is a clear signal to all of us: inadequate reform packages will not save the climate.
Phasing out coal remains in our hands!

Instead of busting your head in the sand let’s move our feet down into the mine! We are heading straight to the roots of destruction – the Lausatian open-pit lignite mine. In a mass-action of civil disobedience we will collectively, with you and many other people shut down the coal-mining infrastructure. We will end the era of fossil capitalism here. While the government is willing to carve in stone the coal phase-out by 2038, we are approaching the immediate coal phase-out – right here, right now! We will put an end to an economic system based on infinite growth and exploitation!

With the kick-off meeting of the UN-climate conference in Madrid (presidency Chile) the Global Strike is approaching the next round: From 29. November – 01. December we join together with Fridays for Future at a big action weekend to protest for Climate Justice. Whether strikes at school or excavator blockades – we can stop the crisis only with disobedience. It is about time for a system change, it is about time for solidarity without borders and a good life for all in place of profit and growth. Likewise our protest is targeting dehumanizing ideologies. We show solidarity with antifascist and antiracist struggles here and worldwide.

Our form of action is a publicly announced mass-blockade with diverse options to participate. We will behave calmly and sober-minded, we do not endanger any people. We want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants and in which we respect and support one another.

No one is going to donate a system change. Therefore we take necessary matters in our own hands, collectively and disobedient!