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Awareness Concept & Info System Change Camp Hamburg 2022

It’s great that you are coming to the System Change Camp in Hamburg! We hope that you and everyone at the camp will have a great time!

In our awareness concept (English version, Spanish version) you will find texts that will enable you to deal with topics around awareness, discrimination, togetherness at the camp and beyond. At the same time we want to inform you about our work as the awareness team at the camp. We try to include as many aspects as possible – nevertheless, this topic can of course never be presented in its entirety in such a concept. We are therefore happy about criticism and feedback and hope you enjoy reading!

Note on language: Awareness is a complex topic, and due to limited time we could not quite meet our requirements to stick to easy language. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


The term “awareness” comes from the English “to be aware” and means (in a broader sense) “to be aware, to be informed, to be sensitized to certain problems”. We live in a society characterized by unequal power relations. People are advantaged (privileged) and disadvantaged (discriminated) on the basis of certain characteristics – whether exercised intentionally or subconsciously. No human being is free of prejudice and discrimination in dealing with others. Therefore, conscious reflection on this must take place in each individual (Critical Self-Reflection).

Awareness is a concept that opposes all forms of discrimination, violence and boundary violation. Violating and boundary-crossing behavior, such as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist or comparable assaults, will not be tolerated at the System Change Camp. This means that awareness as a political practice must not only focus on interpersonal relationships, but also on social structures that promote or enforce discrimination and violence. Accordingly, the goal of awareness is to uncover and unlearn internalized ways of thinking and acting that have a discriminatory or transgressive effect and perpetuate power structures, while at the same time showing solidarity with those affected.

What this means for our work as an awareness team at the camp you can read in our awareness concept here: English version, Spanish version.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you want to participate in the awareness group yourself, write to: campawareness2022@riseup.net