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HowTo Ende Gelände Bündnis Afternoon

Because Ende Gelände is not only cooking & washing up at the camp, supporting the Shit Brigade, working in the awareness team at small or big actions or writing minutes at the local group plenary.
The organization, which goes beyond the local action of the local groups, takes place in the Ende Gelände alliance, which is organized through working groups (AG) and small groups (KG) and, in addition to the work in these subgroups, meets for regular (currently online) Bündnis (alliance) meetings.

We want to invite you to become active in the Bündnis and to contribute your skills and power. Many subgroups urgently need support and are looking forward to working with new people.

And because it all seems like a lot at first glance, there’s a fancy afternoon of getting to know each other for you:

Bündnis Skillshare
25th April 2021 from 2pm to 5:30pm.

The goal is to give you an insight into Ende Gelände and the work of the alliance and, if you like, to find a working group or small group in which you can actively contribute to the alliance process.

The afternoon should look as follows:
from 13:00 optional technique skillshare: questions about technique and possibility to try it out
14:00 Common start: check in, basic questions, overview of the meeting, political work of EG, outlook on EG year
14:30 Inside the EG Bündnis: How does the Bündnis work?
15:15 Break: Have a virtual coffee with old EG friends
15:30 AGs, small groups, topic groups: round of introductions of the who’s who in the alliance
16:00 Speed Dating: Get to know the groups better, in which you can imagine to become active
17:00 Check out: Outlook, what next and feedback
17:30 End

The link to the online conference or dial-in data for the phone and all other information can be found on the following pad:

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact moderation@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)

See you on sunday
your ModCrew