Chrońmy klimat. Zatrzymajmy węgiel.

Przepraszamy, niestety ta strona nie jest jeszcze dostępna w języku polskim.

Ende Gelände goes Lützerath

The diggers of the coal opencast mine Garzweiler II are standing right in front of the village Lützerath. At the end of march 2022 the Higher Administrative Court in Münster decided on the demolition of Lützerath. But not with us! Under Lützerath is the biggest coalbed of the rhineland district. If Lützerath goes into possession of RWE millions of tons of CO2 are going to be released. Yet it’s clear: if we want to limitate the climate crisis it has to be Ende Gelände, now! In 2015 the first EG-Massaction started from Lützerath ground and in Lützerath we will end the fight against the rhineland coal. Here we will defend the 1.5°C line. Together with people, who are already revive Lützerath with tree- and houseoccupations, culture and resistance, we are raising our voice. In addition the coalition is not going to pass our X with their „coalexit: ideally 2030“. The decision, whether Lützerath goes down or stays is and will remain a political and not one of a court. And we will make the decision. That means as soon as the court decision is made, there is either Rave or Revolte in Lützerath.

Who are we

We are an association of disobedient climate justice groups from NRW, who on the one hand carry the fight against RWE from the villages into the cities and on the other hand we stand on the side of the people when RWE wants to continue with the destruction. We consider ourselves as part of the resistance in Lützerath und stand together with various other groups against the destruction of RWE, their capitalist logic and the thereby accelerated climate crisis.

Contact: Mail to EG goes Lützerath (PGP-Key).

Upcoming dates


On the ground:
Together with a lot of people you can be part of the Lützerath community. Helping hands are always needed, whether building treehouses or huts, at the KüfA(kitchen for all), doing nightshifts for camp safety, designing banner or building actionmaterial. There are so many ways to join as there are different people. So be a part oft he ZAD Rhineland, just for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or as long as it takes to save Lützerath and there with stop the coal opencast mine Garzweiler II. We need everybody for the resistance on site, to stop RWE and to give the politics a warning.
At your place:
Even if you can’t or only partly come to Lützerath to be directly on the spot, there are a lot of possibilities to carry the fight for Lützerath into your town or village! Order mobilisation material and distribute it, go placarding, paint banners and hang them up, organise an event and give our mobilisation lecture or keep the police busy. There are various possibilities and as always: together we are stronger, so if it hasn’t happened yet, look for climate justice groups in your area, get organised and plan a joint journey to Lützerath, for example!

If you want to travel by train, you can get off at the stations Erkelenz and Herrath (from Aachen and the Ruhr area) or Hochneukirch (from Cologne). From there you can cycle the last 10 km or so to Lützerath. Bicycles are also perfect for exploring the area! From Erkelenz you can also take a bus to the neighbouring village of Holzweiler. If you want to be shuttled from the train station, that is also possible on request. There is also a carpool exchange on Telegram.

We have enough sleeping facilities for everyone! There is a large tent meadow where you can pitch your tent. Tree houses and huts are built where you can sleep. We have space for campers, caravans and buses. Come along and we’ll find somewhere for you to slumber in comfort.

Sturdy shoes, tent stuff and sleeping clothes are never amiss. The site is always happy to receive food (especially bread and spreads). If you want to climb, bring climbing equipment. Mosquito spray, tick tongs and sunscreen are also recommended.

Right now we’re preparing us for an eviction in autumn. But also every other time you want to come is good to make Lützerath unclearable together!
You can find current information about the situation on site on social media. The dates of actions, skillshares and any other program can be found here.
We have agreed on a framework for action, which should help you to assess what we are doing and what you can expect when you take part in the actions of Ende Gelände goes Lützerath.
At this point, it is also important to point out that Ende Gelände goes Lützerath is only one of many different local actors and that the framework of action does not apply to all these different actors.

You can donate in different ways. On the one hand, there is a wish list. There are lots of useful things that are needed on site that you probably still have lying around somewhere!
In addition, both Lützerath and Ende-Gelände have donation accounts. If you can, please donate so that there is money for the many necessary things that have to be bought and cannot be obtained in other ways.

You don’t have to have money or even pay to be in Lützerath! Of course, it is practical if local people can also throw a little money into the donation box to cover the running costs. We try to make it possible for people to live together in a way that is as needs-oriented and free from the logic of exchange as possible. From October at the latest, a larger Küfa (kitchen for all) will be regularly on site. If you come to Lützerath and bring some bread and spread with you, that’s great too!

Of course, we are not alone on the ground. Apart from us, there are Alle Dörfer bleiben (all villages stay), Lützerath lebt! (Lützerath is alive!), Unser aller Wald (Our forest), the Mahnwache Lützerath (vigil) and Kirchen im Dorf lassen (leave the churches in the village). In August, the Culture without Coal festival also takes place.