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++Resistance is not a crime ++ 23.09.2021: Trial against activist at Berlin court – Demonstration in solidarity with Tear down Tönnies ++

Tearn Down Tönnies – Resistance is not a crima

On 23.09.21 Tearn Down Tönnies together with Animal Climate Action and Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie organizes a bicycle demonstration. A TDT activist is sued because of a slaughterhouse blockade in 2019.
Tönnies is suing several activists all over Germany for 17.000€ compensation and for refraining from further protests.

There are more than enough reasons to get active against Tönnies: The company is responsible for exploitation of animals and workers, climate change and the biodiversity crisis. In the past years it has been a Corona hot spot on several occasions. We need to take action and maker ourselves heard when companies like Tönnies try to silence our protest. Let’s stand together against the oppression of the meat industry.

Abolish the animal industry – expropriate Tönnies

For a just, organic and plant based agriculture shift!

23.09.21, 17:30, Start at the agriculture ministy, Wilhelmstr. 54, Berlin. Bike demonstration to the offices of Tönnies lawers Eversheeds and Sutherland, Kurfüstendamm 22. We finish around 19:00

More information about Tear Down Tönnies and the case:

Get active against the animal industry: