Chrońmy klimat. Zatrzymajmy węgiel.

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Protect Lützerath - keep the 1.5 degree limit! Protest on Nov 12th, 12pm in Lützerath

While the United Nations is hosting the World Climate Conference (COP27) in Egypt, the German government is ignoring the critical 1.5 degree limit in the Rhineland: In a backroom deal with the coal company RWE, the government has agreed to mine an additional 280 million tons of the climate killer lignite in the Garzweiler open pit mine alone. Six times more than would be permissible to comply with the 1.5-degree limit of the international climate agreement. This is precisely why we are showing where Germany’s responsibility lies: in Lützerath at the Garzweiler II open pit mine. The government and RWE want the village to be demolished – a madness in view of increasing storms, droughts and heat waves. With thousands of people, we will stand in front of the village, which is under acute threat of demolition, on November 12.

Millions of people worldwide are already losing their livelihoods and homes due to the climate crisis, and the climate catastrophe already means hell for many. It is an illusion that burning coal has anything to do with “energy security”.

Let’s counter the absurdity of the current energy policy with our powerful protest! In a strong demonstration in solidarity with global civil society for climate justice, let’s gather in Lützerath on Nov. 12. The coal under Lützerath must stay in the ground – for climate justice worldwide!

Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 12 pm

In Lützerath at “Wendehammer”

Shuttles from & to Erkelenz
Arriving from Erkelenz train station: 10 to 12:30 p.m.
Return from Lützerath: 3 to 5:30 p.m.

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