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Action Concensus

The action consensus is a binding framework of this Ende Gelände action. Many initiatives, individuals and work groups have been working on this text for several months in a collective process of open plenary sessions and agreed on it consensually. Therefore, it is very important to us.

The action consensus is the premise for making the Ende Gelände action transparent and well-assessable for all participants; it conveys that, even in an action with so many people, we take care of each other and support each other. As Ende Gelände we say what we do and do what we say. We invite everyone who joins this consensus to take part in the Ende Gelände action.

The “reforms” of the climate cabinet lead us even deeper into the climate crisis. Phasing out coal remains in our hands! In view of the worsening climate crisis, it is time to move on to the next Global Climate Strike with the rapidly growing climate justice movement, from public protest in the streets to civil disobedience in the places of destruction. On the weekend 29.11.-1.12.2019 we will, together with many people, through actions of civil disobedience powerfully disrupt the operations in the Lusatia brown coal district.

Our form of action is a publicly announced mass-blockade with manifold possibilities for participation, following the example of the successful Ende Gelände blockades from 2015 to 2019. Whether experienced in action or not, everyone should be able to participate: we will block technical infrastructure such as rails, access roads and excavators. To make our blockade convenient, we will carry e.g. straw sacks with us during the blockade. In order to make our blockade convenient and to protect ourselves from the cold, we will carry straw sacks with us during the blockade. We encourage small groups to take creative, self-organised action.

The end point of the blockade will be decided in consultation with the support structures and the delegate plenum. If small groups want to maintain the blockade beyond this point with or without tools (e.g. lock-ons), individual Ende Gelände- and support structures decide whether and how they can continue to support these small groups.

We will behave calmly and courteously, we will not endanger any people. We will block and occupy with our bodies. The goal is not to destroy or damage infrastructure. We will not be held back by structural obstacles. We will flow through or around police or plant security. Our action is not directed against LEAG workers, companies commissioned by LEAG or the police. The safety of the participating activists, the workers and all those involved is our top priority. We are preparing well for a safe journey to our places of action.

For the day of action we are preparing ourselves well for a decentralised journey to the district and for a safe way to our places of action. We know that in an action without a local action camp, thorough preparation by all participants, together in our affinity groups, is particularly important.

We come from different social movements and political spectra. We take joint responsibility for the success of the action. We want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants and in which we respect each other and support each other. We will collectively prepare ourselves for the blockade with action trainings taking place beforehand.

We see ourselves as part of the movement for climate justice and we are in solidarity with all those who resist the destruction of the climate by coal-fired power plants and the social and ecological consequences of fossil energy supply. Our struggles are feminist, anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-capitalist. We are aware of everyday and structural discrimination against each other and against our environment and are actively fighting against it. We strive to provide space for those who experience discrimination and to strengthen collective awareness and attention. E.g. we do not want to reproduce toxic masculinity through aggressive chanting or dominant speech. We strongly oppose any homophobic, nationalist, racist or other reactionary tendencies and attempts of infiltration.