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++ Ende Gelände goes Hamburg ++ Mass action against colonial continuities and the fossile fuel rollback in the greater Hamburg area ++

Hamburg, 14.04.2022

Ende Gelände announces a summer action for climate justice in the greater Hamburg area. A climate camp will be set up for a week of action in and around Hamburg from August 09-15, 2022. The Climate Justice Alliance opposes the fossil fuel rollback and the expansion of fossil gas infrastructure. It focuses on global injustices associated with the plans for new LNG terminals at the mouth of the Elbe.

“The climate crisis is accelerating. Especially in the Global South, drought, famine and displacement are foreseeable. As radical systemic changes fail to materialize, fossil capitalism’s hunger for energy continues to flourish. Energy partnerships with authoritarian states like Qatar or fracking gas from the USA and Argentina are at the expense of people in the Global South and Indigenous communities,” explains Luka Scott, spokesperson for Ende Gelände.

Last year, Ende Gelände protested with a mass action against the planned construction of an LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel. Spokesperson Elia Nejem motivates the resistance against new infrastructure for liquefied natural gas:

“Methane is an accelerant of the climate crisis. Last year, this high-risk climate gas already saw a record increase. More fossil gas means more methane in the atmosphere. More fracking means more displacement, more poisoning of drinking water and soils.”

The activists are encouraged and compelled to act by the clear words and catastrophic scenarios of the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Luka Scott explains:

“Science says more clearly than ever: we must act now or we will miss the 1.5 degree target. But fossil capitalism is incapable of a radical turnaround. That’s why we must take the phase-out of all fossils into our own hands. In Hamburg, we’ll dispel the lie of clean gas, make colonial continuities visible, and initiate systemic change.”

The Port of Hamburg is an important European transshipment point for goods and raw materials from all over the world. It is also considered a hub for arms and nuclear shipments. Two new terminals for liquefied gas are scheduled to be built on the Elbe River in Stade and Brunsbüttel. The Ende Gelände Action Alliance is known for mass actions of civil disobedience against fossil energies and energy companies. The large Ende Gelände camps, often with several thousand people, are considered networking sites of the climate justice movement with international reach.