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++ Bed Exchange online for the System Change Camp and the Actions in Hamburg from August 9-15++

Even eels need a comfortable place to sleep, but the Assembly Authority seems to see that differently. Instead of approving the System Change Camp according to the law of assembly, they are doing everything they can to make it difficult or even completely impossible for it to take place. And even though we will continue to fight for the camp space we are entitled to, it cannot be dismissed that in the end the camp will not offer enough space for all activists to sleep. Nevertheless, this will not stop us from joining forces in Hamburg and becoming active together.

Therefore, there is now a bed exchange, where sleeping places for the camp period from 9.08.-15.08. are offered, searched and arranged. People who can offer sleeping places in and around Hamburg as well as people who are looking for sleeping places can do so via the “Bettenbörse”. Personal data will be treated strictly confidential.

No matter if for one night or for the whole camp period, every sleeping place enables activists to participate in the System Change Camp and in the actions.

Therefore, register now at the “Bettenbörse”:

I have a bed:

I need a bed:

Information to all those who have registered in the bed exchange tool that they are SEARCHING for beds:
To collect the contact details of your beds, you can come to Café Knallhart (Uni Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 9) from Tuesday, 9 August. Our business hours there are Tuesday to Friday from 15-20 hrs. For security reasons, we cannot send you the contact details digitally and will therefore hand them over to you in person.

Let’s resist the repression from the state and make a strong statement for climate justice!