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Press Release from 16.03.2024

Brunsbüttel 16.03.2024

Climate activists from the Ende Gelände alliance have been blocking access to the floating LNG terminal in the industrial port of Brunsbüttel since 9 a.m.. They are demanding an immediate stop to imports of liquefied natural gas. They are demanding an immediate stop to imports of liquefied natural gas. According to the latest scientific studies, liquefied natural gas is more harmful to the climate than coal. A floating LNG terminal is currently in operation in Brunsbüttel, which is to be replaced by a fixed terminal in 2026/27. At the same time as the Ende Gelände activists, climate groups in a total of six countries bordering the North Sea are protesting against fossil fuel infrastructure and the exploitation of oil and gas deposits in the North Sea.

Rita Tesch, spokesperson for Ende Gelände, on the action in Brunsbüttel:

“LNG is a double climate killer. Because it consists of methane. Methane is even more harmful to the climate than CO2. It escapes into the atmosphere during transportation by LNG ships and at terminals such as here in Brunsbüttel and heats it up rapidly. The CO2 from burning it is on top of that. It’s clear: LNG imports are a climate crime! Climate firesetters such as RWE, Gasunie and Uniper are making huge profits and letting the planet burn in return. In the USA, protest is working! No more new LNG terminals will be approved there with immediate effect. This gives our resistance a strong tailwind: we want an immediate stop to LNG.”

Current studies confirm the problematic climate footprint of LNG. According to the latest data from the Global Methane Tracker, the concentration of methane in the atmosphere continued to rise in 2023. Particularly high methane emissions are detectable over the regions of the USA, from where record quantities of liquefied natural gas are exported to Europe and Germany in particular. In January 2024, the USA suspended the approval of new LNG export terminals due to the high climate impact of methane.

Climate groups in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands are protesting today at the same time as Ende Gelände. Rita Tesch on the International North Sea Action Day Rita:

“Together, the countries around the North Sea are the seventh largest oil and gas producer in the world after China. 2023 was the hottest year ever. The climate catastrophe is here. But instead of getting out of the dirty fossil fuel business immediately, fossil fuel infrastructure is being expanded everywhere in the North Sea: Norway is investing billions in new oil and gas fields, the UK wants to extract even more North Sea oil and the Netherlands is planning to build a gas drilling platform a few kilometers off Borkum. In addition, there is the import of extremely climate-damaging LNG. Together with activists in other countries bordering the North Sea, we say: Stop all fossil North Sea projects. North Sea Fossil Free!”

Ende Gelände has become known through mass actions around the German lignite mining areas. In recent years, LNG terminals have also been the target of protests. This year, the alliance will focus on smaller regional actions. Ende Gelände wants to achieve the phase-out of all fossil fuels and the socialization of energy companies.


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North Sea Fossil Free

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