Basta de Carbón. ¡Protejamos el Clima!

  • 16. - 19. Mayo de 2020EGGE: Shell must fall - Den Haag (NL)
  • Desde febrero de 2020Protestas en la central eléctrica de carbón Datteln IV (DE)
  • 24. - 30. Agosto de 2020EGGE: Campamento Radi'Action - Lyon (FR)
  • Alrededor del 27 de septiembre de 2020Ende Gelände, Minas a cielo abierto de Renania (DE)

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From Newsletter #28: Together against repression

We stand at the side of our comrades and support them in the court cases. Take part in the campaign “Kohle unten lassen statt Protest unterlassen” (“Leave the coal in the ground – instead of undermining our protest“) and show your solidarity.

Also currently being subjected to repression are the G20 protestors who, despite the intimidation of the Police, took to the streets to demonstrate for global solidarity. The fact that now the summit opponents in general are portrayed as “violent offenders” fills us with concern. The “Fabio Case” (link in German) shows in a frightening way how the investigation even calls our right to demonstrate into question. Therefore, it requires critical counter-publicity and solidary support of those affected. Together with the campaign of the Roten Hilfe we say: United we stand – wir halten zusammen! (link in german)