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Mobilisation material Ende Gelände goes Lützerath

Order mobilisation material

Order mob material and distribute it in your favourite cafés, alternative youth centres, universities, with your friends. Send us an email to mobi@luetzerathlebt.info with your address and package size:

  • Package “affinity group starter package” (XS): 10 posters – 10 flyers – 20 stickers
  • Package “clandestine small group” (S): 25 posters – 20 flyers – 400 stickers
  • Package “Finger Flow” (M): 50 posters – 30 flyers – 800 stickers
  • Package “mass action” (L): 100 posters – 50 flyers – 1600 stickers


We have also prepared a presentation (Powerpoint or PDF) for Lützerath that you can use for your event!

Tips and information about organising an event can be found on the page “Organising events” (in German). Although the page is geared towards the gas action in Brunsbüttel, you’re sure to find some useful tips!

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