Chrońmy klimat. Zatrzymajmy węgiel.

Przepraszamy, niestety ta strona nie jest jeszcze dostępna w języku polskim.


[Arriving-Cities Berlin und Dresden]

Ende Gelände Action near Leipzig

For the first time we  2 districts at the same time! From Leipzig we go to the surrounding lignite mining area. Berlin and Dresden will go to the Lausitz.

Politics has failed, nothing can be expected from the government and the climate package is a bad joke. That is why we will not only block Lusatia, but also, for the first time, Leipzig.

From 29.11.-1.12. we are the immediate coal exit and say once more ENDE GELÄNDE! for coal, whether in the Lausitz, in the Leipziger country or elsewhere!

In Leipzig there will be many more information events and trainings in the next days. Have a look at the calendar! You can also get the freshest information on the telegram channel.

Program on Friday (29th of November)

11:30 am – 12:30 pm | Action training

2 pm – 3 pm | Welcome plenary

6 pm – 7 pm | Action plenary

From 8 am onwards you will get all the information on what is happening when (plenary sessions, action trainings, something to eat, action plenary etc) at the vigil point.

All important information for the action will be given during the action plenary.

!!!It is important that (minimum) one person from each affinity group is present at the action plenary to get all the information!!!


leipzig-lausitz@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key)