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Corona After-Care

Dear Aktivisti* and international comrades,

we hope that you have arrived at home safely. Now we all have to look after ourselves and protect others. In light of the special circumstances of this year’s action this means:


1) Two weeks of self-isolation and social distancing:
To take care of and protect others, please follow social distancing guidelines after the action and avoid any contact with other people, particularly with vulnerable people who are most at risk.

2) Corona tests:
If you have any symptoms, please get tested for coronavirus as soon as possible when you are back at home.

3) Subscribe to the Corona mailing list:
Subscribe here to receive updates about any cases of people who took part in the action and were tested positive for coronavirus:

4) Check information daily about infection risk!
Use your Corona ID to check if you have been in contact with any people who were tested positive for coronavirus:

5) Let us now immediately if you have tested positive!
If you have been tested positive for coronavirus, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and tell us your Corona-ID und PIN:
rueckverfolgung2020@riseup.net [PGP-Key]

Remind your comrades who were part of your affinity group to take these points seriously, so that we can stop the spreading of infections together as soon as possible.
For more information please see:  https://www.ende-gelaende.org/corona-rueckverfolgung-2020/