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Berlin, 25.7.: BIPoC+white-passing migrants Actiontraining


Ende Gelände will be holding a major civil disobedience action from July 29 to August 2 against the planned Brunsbüttel LNG terminal <https://www.ende-gelaende.org/aufruf-2021/>, which will be supplied with dirty fracked gas. Time to stop the dirty lies: Ende Gelände is taking the coal and gas phase-out into its own hands.

Civil disobedience is non-violent, peaceful and necessary more than ever! That’s why there will be an action training for everyone right before the action, no matter if you have already been in action for three times or if you are new – we will train with trainers from Skills for Action. Don’t miss it, be part of it!

In the action training we prepare together for the action with action techniques, experiences and practical exercises. In this way, we learn how to deal with our own limits and how to make quick decisions in stressful situations. This way you will be prepared for the action.

The action training is free and no prior registration is required but desired. No prior experience is necessary. Come with friends and wear your favorite comfortable clothing. Training will take place indoors and outdoors, so provide yourself with rain gear depending on the weather. Please stay for the entire training, otherwise it will be more difficult for trainers to conduct the training. Remember to bring food for the breaks and enough to drink. The training will be held in German, whispered translations are possible (please write us beforehand, if you need it . Please come with a negative Corona test result no older than 24 hours and a FFP2 or surgical mask.

*When*: 25.07. von 11-17 Uhr
*Where*: Prinzenallee 58D, 13359 Berlin (practice at the Humboldhain)

This training is an all-gender training for BIPoC individuals. The trainers are all three cis-male and:
* white-passing Jew from Soviet Union
* PoC
* PoC with an immigrant foreground
We are critical of our lack of gender diversity. We hope to be able to design the training in such a way that you will may also want to become action trainers yourself in order to be better structurally positioned in the future.

“BIPoC stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Color.
This includes all people who have ancestors from parts of the African continent, Asia [including West Asia] through one or more parents. Whose ancestors are Rom*nja, Sint*ezza, indigenous people from Australasia, from North and South America, from the Caribbean or from the Indian Ocean region. Descendants of Europeans* who migrated to Asia, Africa or the Americas for colonial and imperialist reasons do not count.” (https://in-vision.org/infos/faq#faq-positionierung)

For some time now, various communities have been discussing whether white-passing migrants from the (former) Eastern Bloc countries (so-called post-Eastern migrants) or white Jews can also consider themselves BIPOCs. As far as we know, there is no consensus on this question yet; we are aware of this controversy and decide for various reasons to explicitly invite post-east migrants and white Jews to this training.

If you are unsure about your positioning, feel free to contact us. If you as BIPoCs have reservations or conditions about having people with white-passing privilege in the training, also feel free to contact us. *During the training there is also the possibility to split the group again for specific content*.
We want to continue the process of alliance-building while achieving a baver space for all.

We are happy about pre-registration, but spontaneous participation is also okay:
Email: anti-ra-berlin@ende-gelaende.org <anti-ra-berlin@ende-gelaende.org> (PGP Key here <https://keys.openpgp.org/vks/v1/by-fingerprint/459608208EF7EC32B7FC59891FFE8DF39177687A>)