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EG signs European statement against nuclear energy and for climate justice

Ende Gelände is one of the 83 groups for climate justice from 15 countries who signed a statement against nuclear energy and for climate justice. The occasion is the 10th anniversary of the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima and the efforts of the nuclear lobby to sell nuclear energy as a solution for the climate crisis. The nuclear lobby is especially trying to approach young climate activists. Therefore, it is important that the climate justice movement stands united against nuclear power.
The statement says:

  • The nuclear industry continues a centuries-long tradition of violent colonialism and deepening inequality, both in the Global South and in the Global North.
  • Nuclear power embodies a centralized and anti-democratic relation to energy usage, that prevents energy democracy with real democratic debate on energy production, distribution and consumption.
  • Nuclear power will never be able to stop the climate crisis: it is dirty, slow, expensive, and dangerous for all living beings on Earth, including plants and animals – not least present and future generations of humans.

Here you can ind the whole statement and further information: