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Ende Gelände goes Lützerath

The diggers are right in front of Lützerath. This autumn RWE and the
state government want to raze Lützerath to the ground. Lützerath is one
of the six threatened villages in the Rhenish coalfield. Like the Gallic
village, it lies protectively in front of the other villages. The
destruction of Lützerath is intended to create facts before the
expropriation proceedings of the last farmer in the village have been
completed. It is quite clear that if we want to limit the climate
crisis, this must be the end of the road. In Lützerath, the 1.5 degree
limit is being defended. Together with the people who are already
filling Lützerath with life through tree occupations, culture and
resistance, we will also raise our voices after the election. The next
government will not get past our X.

Who are we

We are an association of disobedient climate justice groups from NRW,
who on the one hand carry the fight against RWE from the villages into
the cities and on the other hand we stand on the side of the people when
RWE wants to continue with the destruction in autumn.

What you can do

In autumn the situation will come to a head. The eviction of the last
residents, the demolition of the remaining houses and the clearing of
the last trees is imminent. Until then, there is a lot to do, because we
are also preparing for autumn. We are organising a diverse programme to
expand and strengthen existing structures: Building Weekends,
Skillshares on different topics and workshops. A FLINTA* construction
trailer is looking forward to helping hands, as is a vegetable garden.
Join us and come along, whether for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. In autumn
we will need every single person to resist on the ground and stop RWE.