stop au charbon. protéger le climat!

  • 9.8. - 15.8.2022Camp Justice Climatique et action de masse dans la région de Hambourg

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Event series: ROOTS OF RESISTANCE: Learning from Frontline Struggles

Those are the same people at the frontline fighting the fossil fuel/fracking projects that the German government and European Union insist to support, through major investments on LNG imports and other fossil gas-related infrastructures that deepen colonial and racist structures.

The white-dominated German/European climate justice movement has then much to learn from such struggles, if willing to listen. A Eurocentric perspective on climate justice is still prevalent in the movement, which goes along with the reproduction of racism in its structures. To stop reproducing such power dynamics and to take the steps towards a fully decolonial and antiracist climate justice movement, there is the need to create spaces to actively listen to the voices and the perspectives of those historically persecuted, learn from them and mirror their views.

This series of (online) events is Ende Gelände’s attempt to live up to that challenge. By learning from the knowledge and experience of BIPoC in frontline struggles and, more generally, from different perspectives on (climate) justice (e.g. critique of problematic (hegemonic) approaches in climate science), we want to shed a light on the interconnectedness of neocolonialism, violence, exploitation, extractivism, the fossil fuel industry and the climate crisis.

From April 26th through mid-June, there will be events on the interconnectedness of neocolonialism, violence, extractivism, the fossil fuel industry, and the climate crisis, as well as on critiques of problematic (hegemonic) approaches in climate science. The announcement of the individual events, as well as flyers and social media material will follow soon, but mark the dates boldly in your calendar. It will be exciting!

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