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  • 9.8. - 15.8.2022Camp Justice Climatique et action de masse dans la région de Hambourg

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System Change Camp & Action Days

This year we want to invite to an open System Change Camp & Action Days in Hamburg around our planned actions against gas and colonialism. This means that the EG action will be part of a larger camp, which will be co-designed by other groups in terms of content and action.

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The alliance Ende Gelände is coming to Hamburg this year with a mass action of civil disobedience against LNG and neo-colonialism! Because at different ports in Northern Germany (Brunsbüttel, Wilhelmshaven, Stade) the new construction of liquefied natural gas terminals is supposed to start this year and with it gas from abroad will be imported to Germany – and we want to stop that!

Since these struggles will (unfortunately) certainly accompany us for a few more years and the last two Corona years has isolated many left-wing groups and struggles, we want to embed our action in a larger movement-building camp in the summer. The idea is to enable, beyond the Ende Gelände action, a big coming together and exchange of different groups in a common camp + action days: True to the motto System Change not Climate Change.

For this purpose, a Hamburg alliance of diverse groups has already been formed to bring the multitude of struggles in time to the streets, into the minds and into the media. We invite you, along with many other local, national and international groups, to jointly create a large camp + program + actions in and around Hamburg in the time frame of August 09-15, 2022. Which topic and which form of action (workshop/demo/small group action/info stand…) – that’s up to you.

Invitation Camp & Action Days [pdf]

More info please?

If you would like to get involved in one way or another, or if you have further questions and would like to exchange ideas, please write to vernetzung22@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key).

If you already know that you want to participate in the camp program with a workshop or in another way, please write to programm22@ende-gelaende.org (PGP-Key).

If you want to do an action, demo or small group action, then the action group is the right place for you. Write to endegelaende_aktion@riseup.net (PGP-Key).