stop au charbon. protéger le climat!

  • 9.8. - 15.8.2022Camp Justice Climatique et action de masse dans la région de Hambourg

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Getting there

Anyone who wants to can come to the System Change Camp and the Ende Gelände mass action this year. We do not plan to limit the number of participants.

Individual arrival

We will camp near the Volkspark Altona north of the cemetery Altona at the Elly-See-Straße.

By public transport you have to get off at the bus stop “Rugenbarg (Nord)”. There are two stops and you can get there either with the bus lines 2, 3, 284 and 604 or with the 22, 284 or 392.

There area few parking spaces for those arriving by car, but since these are very limited, please make sure that you arrive by public transport.

Campbuilding starts on Friday, 5th. From 10 am on you will find us in that area!

Information for BIPOC

Also this year there is a shuttle for BIPoC*. It will be available from Wednesday noon until Sunday. If you would like to be picked up from the surrounding area, please call +49 15510219646.

Information for people that are having trouble walking

There are different shuttles for people with wheelchairs for people who don’t want to/can’t walk that far.

For shuttle trips with a wheelchair please contact us the day before by phone or signal at +49 1521 0384804 or by email at busmobi @ende-gelaende.org. Of course you can also contact us at short notice, but that could mean that there will be waiting times.

For shuttle trips without a wheelchair you can call us half an hour in advance from Tuesday to Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the following number: Soon available . If you would like a shuttle outside these times, please contact us one day in advance by phone or signal at +49 1521 0384804 or by email at busmobi@ende-gelaende. org.

Joint arrivals


This year there will again be joint arrivals from numerous cities. Please look at the map above or contact the local group near you.

Organize a joint arrival

You want to organize (with others) a joint journey from a corner of Europe, whether with a rented bus or the 9€ ticket, then please write the start time and place, as well as arrival time to busmobi@ende-gelaende.org so that the journey together appears on this website for everyone to see. We can also send you tips and tricks for renting buses or for traveling together on the train, just send us an email ;)