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„Sani-Konsens” - Consensus for paramedics at EG


We see ourselves as part of the emancipatory and radical left-wing movement. Specifically, we focus on the core issues of health and anti-repression.

We are united by our solidarity with militant movements from the left and below. We are transparent in our dealings with each other and with patients and endeavour to communicate in an open and aware manner. We respect individual needs and wishes, especially with regard to how we address patients and the course of treatment. Where possible, we ask for an individual consensus for each treatment and also point out our own competences and uncertainties. We show solidarity with other emancipatory (medical) structures and endeavour to work well together.

Should situations arise in which a person’s life is acutely threatened, we authorise ourselves, after careful consideration, to involve a person in state healthcare even without consensus or to take invasive measures at our discretion (e.g. calling an ambulance for an unconscious person). We always and exclusively administer prescription (emergency) medication in accordance with the principle of dual control, even if our qualifications do not require this (e.g. as a doctor).

We always act according to the latest scientific standards and constantly reflect on our competences. We are honest about our qualifications and competences and are aware of our responsibility. We avoid working with the police or services that could co-operate with the police. The protection of our patients’ personal data is our top priority. We never collect personal data such as clear or dead names.

We do not charge any money for our work; we are primarily financed by donations.
We work exclusively sober.
We observe the general rules for working in medical tents (e.g. at camps).

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