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Newsletter #54

**Disclaimer: Since we are currently experiencing some difficulties with our provider, it could be that this newsletter is reaching you a bit delayed. Thank you for your understanding and patience.**

The end of the month is coming, and with it our resistant action in Brunsbüttel and Hamburg! You will find the most important, (pre)last information in this newsletter. We will inform you about the two planned action zones, how to get there and how to register, the camp, hygiene concept and some important legal information.

We also discuss what the action has to do with international action days. Read the newsletter, come to the action, or make your own – rise up and show solidarity!

1. Call for the global day of action on 30 July

2. “From Vaca Muerta, via Texas to Brunsbüttel- the dirty way of fracking gas”: International anti-colonial panel in Hamburg on 29 July

3. Antiracism Advice for the Next Action

4. The 3 big questions: Arrival, registration and action zones

5. Hygiene concept

6. Camp preparations and how to get involved

7. Why the “multi-coloured finger” no longer exists

8. Legal information – How do I deal with police repression?

9. Rise Up for Change in Switzerland (30 July – 6 August)


1. Call for the global day of action on 30 July

Our wonderful, (civil) disobedient action in Brunsbüttel is part of the international day of action against fossil gas expansion and fracking on 30 July. We make it clear that we have had enough of the continuation of colonial exploitation and environmental destruction! Gas is not a “bridging technology” – on the contrary: science shows us that fracked gas is comparable or even worse than dirty coal power. However, once again we have business as usual: especially European, multinational corporations celebrate their profits, which are carried out on the suffering and death of many people, especially in the Global South and in indigenous areas.

It is urgently time to put an end to this injustice. Therefore, Ende Gelände joins the “Shale Must Fall” coalition and calls for decentralised, global actions around 30 July 2021.

In Germany, as part of this, Ende Gelände will hold an action of civil disobedience against gas, fracking & colonialism in Brunsbüttel and Hamburg. You can find the entire call for the global day of action here:

You are part of the action? Wonderful! In this newsletter you will find the most important information. Please make sure to stay informed via our website and social channels! Super interesting and important reading material in advance is the action consensus, which you can find here:

You can’t participate but would like to support the struggle? Take part in the global day of action on 30 July! We also appreciate any financial support, big or small: every euro helps! You can donate here:

2. “From Vaca Muerta, via Texas to Brunsbüttel- the dirty way of fracking gas”: International anti-colonial panel in Hamburg on 29 July

From Vaca Muerta and Texas to Brunsbüttel – what happens before the “green bridge technology” reaches us? And why is gas actually so dirty? In Texas, where the new LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel will be supplied, fossil fuels are extracted at the expense of the land and health of indigenous communities. And the German oil and gas company Wintershall DEA not only operates the Mittelplate oil production platform in Schleswig-Holstein, whose oil is processed in Brunsbüttel, but its fracking activities are also largely responsible for exploitation, destruction and drinking water poisoning in the Vaca Muerta region of Argentina.

On 29 July at 7 pm CET, an international panel will take place at the Fabrique in Hamburg. Two activists each from Argentina and Texas will talk about the colonial continuities that fracking draws between countries of the Global North and the Global South. The event will be held in English, but a translation into German will be provided. Afterwards, open questions can be clarified and discussed directly with the activists.

Fabrique: Valentinskamp 34a (entrance from Speckstraße), 20355 Hamburg

3. Antiracism Advice for the upcoming action

We participate in the action together in solidarity. This means that all participants should be committed to recognising and fighting racism inside and outside of our structures.

The Berlin Antiracist Working Group’s newsletter offers hints for antiracist behaviour and offers an overview of the support structures at the upcoming action. We recommend everyone reads it!

You can find a regularly updated version here: www.ende-gelaende.org/en/news/information-for-an-anti-racist-approach-in-the-ende-gelaende-action-2021-in-brunsbuettel/

When it comes to both climate protection and anti-racism, good intentions are not enough – our actions are what counts.

4. The 3 big questions: Arrival, registration and action!

Where will we arrive in 2021? Yippee – luckily this year we are “only” spread over two locations. The first location is ChemCoast Park near Brunsbüttel, the second location is in Hamburg.

In order to better estimate the number of activists in both action zones and to coordinate the journey, we have developed a registration tool. The registration tool can be found here, but is unfortunately in German at the moment: www.ende-gelaende.org/anreise-2021/

  • Groups up to 15 people: please use the registration tool (1 registration per group).
  • Groups of 16 people or more: please write an email to busmobi@ende-gelaende to register (1 mail per group is enough). Please note, this is the only this way we can ensure there will be enough accommodation!
  • Organized travel (e.g. official shared bus): no registration is necessary, you are covered by the orga team!


This year we have a whole bouquet of information and assistance that you can refer to in preparation! This includes, for example, the packing list, a safety handout, a checklist for your reference group and – of course – the hygiene concept. You can find all this information here for Brunsbüttel and here for Hamburg.


There will be a camp at the Brunsbüttel action zone for the entire duration of the action. Since the camp location and the situation around it is not clear yet, keep yourself informed about the most recent information via our website ans social media! We have prepared a hygiene concept for the camp areas, please be sure to inform yourself of the rules and stick to them! You can get information, materials, and food at the camp and participate in action trainings. Support for barrier-free participation in the action and translation for those who don’t speak German will be offered at the Brunsbüttel action zone. All information about the action and the two action locations can be found here.

Hamburg (BiPoC & Friends)

The action in Hamburg is carried out by a predominantly migrant and post-migrant self-organization. The action is aimed primarily at BIPoC and Migras or reference groups with BIPoC / Migras. You or you are a white reference group? You are also invited. However, please reflect your position , show solidarity and do not push yourself into the foreground. We are not in the mood for cultural appropriation. White dreads? We have scissors with us.

Read also:


5. Hygiene Concept: activism in times of pandemic

Our protest for stopping fossil fuels cannot wait. At the same time, the Covid19 pandemic is costing lives worldwide and exacerbating injustices. We are aware that this means special circumstances for our protest. We will keep the risk of Covid-19 spreading during our gathering as low as possible.

We take responsibility in the context of this pandemic – but we also take responsibility in the climate crisis.

This year, too, we will be working with a self-organized traceability concept to contain infections. For this, it is important that you generate a Corona ID on our website in advance. We try to do this without taking personal data from you. If people test positive, however, they have to get in touch with the health ministry. This might endanger the anonymity. In order to cushion these difficulties, it remains important to organize in stable reference groups and show solidarity to deal with each other. You can find more information on the topic and the hygiene concept in short and long form at the info points and on our website here.

6. Camp Preparations – How to get involved

The camp preparations are in full swing! If you would like to get involved in preparing the camp or other tasks, please register using the participation tool. You can find it here.

If you are concerned that the camp may not be able to support you with your particular needs, maybe a look at the homepage will help you. We are doing our best to make camp and action accessible to as many people as possible. You can find documentation of our plans so far and how to contact us here.

If you arriving by bike, it might be advisable to bring an older bike, as we can guarantee to be able to supervise everything at the camp. A bike exchange may be set up on site – please contact us at the info point if you can make your bike available for small errands.

7. Why the multi-coloured finger no longer exists

The “Bunte Finger” or “multi-coloured finger” was created in 2019 for people with injunctions, people with physical disabilities and for people with children. It blocked central infrastructures several times in 2019, but faced massive police repression in the September 2020 action. The “multi-coloured finger” sought to ensure that as many people as possible could participate – whether they were rolling or walking, fast or slow.

Over the past year, we have intensively examined the self-image of the multi-coloured finger and criticism of it. We asked ourselves if it makes sense to outsource accessibility into one finger. Why not try to make the entire action more accessible for everyone?

Our conclusion is that a single finger is far from sufficient. For this reason, there will no longer be a single multi-coloured finger. 
In its place there will be many fingers with different colors, which in the future will provide support for different needs.

This year there will be several barrier-free fingers. We also call on all activists to participate in the design of a barrier-free action.

More info and what that means exactly can be found here.

8. Legal information – How do I deal with police repression?

Over the years we have collected a library of information on legal topics concerning the Ende Gelände actions. An overview of all the material can be found here.

Amongst the material you will find information on topics like:

  • What does the EA/Legal Team do and why should I have their number?
  • What legal consequences can I expect? Where can I get help?
  • Corona and Repression

It it important to go through these materials in advance and maybe check in every now and then – they are regularly updated. There will also be workshops on a variety of topics at the camp in Brunsbüttel.

By the way, do you already have your own anonymous EA (= “Ermittlungsausschuss” means Legal Team) number for the action? If not, please make sure to get one here.

The Legal Team will be available day and night during the action. Our solidarity against their repression – no one is alone!

9. Rise Up for Change in Switzerland: Fossil Banks are stoppable, another world is possible (30 July t o 6 August)

With its activities, the Swiss financial centre is responsible for a total of over 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Not only private banks like Credit Suisse and UBS, but also the Swiss National Bank invest vast sums in the extraction, transport and combustion of fossil fuels. In doing so, they are fueling the climate crisis and are responsible for numerous human rights violations. (This also includes the particularly destructive fracking financed by Credit Suisse and UBS as for example in Vaca Muerta, Argentina).

With the “Rise Up for Change”, various groups and individuals from the climate justice movement are therefore joining forces. If Brunsbüttel/Hamburg is too far North, come to the climate camp in Zurich from 30 July onwards, before they jointly hold the Swiss financial centre accountable with a mass action of civil disobedience and a big final rally (6 August) in Bern. Practical information on the actions, the demands, the programme and much more can be found on the website.

Form an affinity group, join us on the streets and in front of the banks – Fossil Banks are stoppable, another world is possible!


The action will be turbulent, disobedient and above all we will come in solidarity! We rise up together, internationally, against the injustices caused by fossil neocolonialism in the form of fracking. We say loud and clear: Ende Gelände! No LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel, no fracked natural gas, no fracked oil, not here and not anywhere else!

Love & Rage,

Newsletter Team