Global Call to Action on July 30th!

No fracking! No fossil gas boom! Shut down colonialism and fossil fuel capitalism! Join us in an international action day against fossil gas expansion and fracking! On July 30th, we make it clear we will not accept this colonialism, environmental destruction and climate fraud!

The fossil fuel industry, together with its allies in governments and the media, are making a major push globally to install fossil gas as a “bridge fuel”. They claim it “burns cleaner than coal and will allow a transition toward renewable energies.” This narrative could not be further from the truth: When the full extraction process for gas is taken into account, depending on where and how it is extracted, the carbon footprint of this fossil fuel is either comparable or much worse than even that of coal. Fossil gas produced by fracking is especially detrimental – both to climate and local environment!

Read the complete Call to Action here.


Our hygiene concept

In order to prevent corona cases as best as possible, we have written a hygiene concept. The key points are: being mindful of each other, keeping your distance, wearing a mask where there is no distance possible and testing. Continue reading ...