Action against Gas in Brunsbüttel

(Information about the action Anti-Colonial Attack in Hamburg can be found here)

Action zones

This year there will be two action zones. One of them is the ChemCoast Park near Brunsbüttel, the other one in Hamburg. We will block infrastructure there that is connected to natural gas extraction and neo-colonial structures.

Arrival and registration

Please do not travel to Brunsbüttel anymore! The camp will be (over)full!

In order to better estimate the number of activists in both action areas and to coordinate the journey, we have developed a registration tool. For Brunsbüttel you can register now, for Hamburg you can find more information here. You can find more information about the journey here. (including the packing list :))

Where to stay and where to sleep

There will be a camp during the whole action period. Activists can stay at the camps before, during and after the action. We have worked out a hygiene concept for the camp areas and there you will get information, materials, action training and food. (Information about HH will follow soon!)

Making the action possible

Even if you don’t want to join a finger in the action, we would be very happy if you would support the action by helping at the welcome points, camps, soliarity kitchens (Küfas in German), etc. To do this, use the participation tool . (the page is in german, but the form has an english version, too).


The different fingers will start from the meeting points/camps. In Brunsbüttel there will be the possibility to go barrier-free into the
action, as well as translation possibilities for non-German speaking people.

Action plenaries

Action plenaries will take place at the camp on Thursday from 8 to 9 pm and on Friday from 1 to 3 pm (info on Hamburg can be found here). Participation in the action plenums – in Brunsbüttel this applies to both – is especially important, because only here will you get all the relevant information for taking part in the actions.

Action Trainings

There will be several action trainings on the Camp in Brunsbuettel. On Thursday from 3-6 p.m., there will be an action training for new activists. On Friday from 9-12 a.m., there will be another action training for new activists as well as an action training with a focus on barrier-free actions.

Take Care: Your safety

Please note the Take Care page with information on health risks and dangers during the actions!

(The Secu team (Seekuh AG in German) is working out – as every year – a safety concept around the camp. The handout for activists is available here – in german only, yet, sorry!).

Our call: As an affinity group into the action!

At the camp there will be two opportunities for affinity group finding:
Thu 19.00 – 20.00
Fri 19.00 – 20.00

Here you can find information about the topic “affinity group“. – Our checklist will follow soon!

The fingers

For many years we have been using the finger concept in our actions. It means that we go out in several “demonstration processions” and go to different blockade sites in order to blockade more effectively. Fingers usually have a colour, like the “silver finger”. It usually doesn’t matter which one you go in, but this time there will also be fingers with specific target groups. You can find more information here.