Packing list 2021

This year we start in the end of July – it looks like we can expect summer temperatures. Since the action zone is located in a rainy region, make sure to bring good rain gear. As in the last actions, there might be overnight stays in blockades. So be prepared for this and organise together in your affinity groups! First of all, please get your personal EA number from the legal team and your personal Corona-ID.

For the action:

This year there will be one action site with camp near Brunsbüttel and one action site in Hamburg. There will be no camp in Hamburg, so there is an extra section for the camp further down the list, which only applies if you are going to Brunsbüttel.

  • White suit (this year our classic dust protection suits cannot be ordered in sufficient quantities – please see if you still have some in your closet!)
  • Antigen quick tests: Please organise antigen quick tests! At least three: before arrival, at the camp and after departure. Remember that the tests should be stored at 15-30 degrees.
  • FFP2 masks – important: without exhalation valve, otherwise you will not protect others! Please have enough masks with you, also to be able to change them regularly during longer blockades. For people who are really short of cash, masks will be available at the camp in Brunsbüttel and at the assembly point in Hamburg.
  • Disinfectants in size to go
  • 2x biros (for individually filling out the corona tracking lists)
  • your personal EA number (can be generated here) and your personal Corona ID (can be generated here)
  • Sturdy shoes (preferably hiking boots)
  • Robust, old clothes that may get dirty and are warm enough for the night (“onion principle”)
  • Rain jacket/cloths and pants
  • Umbrella/sunshade (ideally with political message)
  • Sunscreen (for the summer heat)
  • Tarpe/sun sail (there is little natural shade this year)
  • Scarf or tight cloth and cap (useful for many purposes: protection against the cold, against pepper spray, as bandage…)
  • Food: Please organise your own breakfast (for the camp) and food for the action.
  • Re-fillable water bottles
  • Tea (to stay warm or relax on the blockade)
  • own crockery & cutlery
  • First aid kit for smaller injuries (e.g. 1 kit per affinity group)
  • Rescue/thermal blanket (the gold/silver ones) – good against the cold and heat
  • Medication you need to take regularly, for the period you want to stay in action – plus a bit of extra in case you get detained
  • Superglue, perhaps needle and thread
  • Identity papers in case you want to identify yourself to the police
  • Some money in case the police take you into custody and then releases you at a distance from the camp (of course, we will try to provide transportation in this case, but safe is better)
  • Old sleeping bag – remember, coal is dirty – as a warmth supplement for the night; as protection for your sleeping bag, survival/emergency sleeping bags are practical; you can also get a firmer rescue blanket and make a sleeping bag out of it;
  • Mattress/sleeping mat, that can potentially get dirty and is not too sensitive to cracking
  • Tarpaulins to protect you against rain and wind or for the improvised toilet
  • Flashlight and headlamp
  • Banners with political messages
  • Some nice and eco-friendly decoration for the place of action
  • Books, playing cards or anything else to keep you busy when in a long-lasting blockade
  • Musical instruments that are not too sensitive (could get dirty or broken)

However, please make sure your baggage is not too heavy in the end – you need to be able to move with it after all (at times possibly quickly).

For the camp:

  • Please also remember to bring enough FFP2 masks for the camp.
  • Food: Please organise your own breakfast (for the camp) and food for the action. For hygiene reasons there will be no self-service at the camp this year. The kitchen will provide hot porridge and hot drinks, but only a very limited number of sandwiches.
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping mat
  • Weatherproof clothing (woolen socks, long underwear as required)
  • Possibly rubber boots in case of heavy rain
  • personal items (eg. toiletries, towel)
  • Bicycles (the nearest train station is a few kilometres from the camp. You can get there faster by bike.)
  • donation money for the kitchen and camp (the donation recommendation is 10-15 € / day)
    Also great: donate online before the action :)!

What you should leave at home (or at your accommodation):

  • Everything that contains information about yourself and/or other people and that you do not need urgently during the action (e.g. agendas, private phones, glasses passport, …)
  • Everything that could be considered a weapon (yes, even your favourite little pocket knife)
  • In case the police use tear gas or pepper spray, it is better to avoid using grease creams or make-up and not to wear contact lenses.
  • Consider wearing jewellery that may prove unpleasant in the event of police contact (e.g. clearing a sit-in)e
  • Camera (there will be enough briefed photographers)
  • And of course alcohol and drugs have no place on the blockade!

Here you can find the above Packing List 2021 as a PDF.

Recommended reading

Within Ende Gelände we would like to deal more with critical whiteness and anti-racism. As a basis we would like to recommend the following text. Please read it! On the way north, at the camp or during the blockade. You can read it online or download it as a PDF.