Call 2022

Get out of all fossil energies now!
Prevent LNG terminals and end neocolonial exploitation!
– Call for camp and mass action in and around Hamburg from 09.08. – 15.08.22

For more information and updates on the camp and the action days from all participation groups click here.

Fossil Rollback? Enough is enough!

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, energy supply has been the big issue. But instead of pushing for an immediate gas phase-out, the German government is pushing billions in investments in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fossil infrastructure of yesterday. This is a declaration of war on all those fighting for climate justice and all already affected by climate crises. Because to import LNG means to massively fuel the climate crisis and perpetuate immediate colonial violence. Fossil energies are energies of war. We are experiencing a massive fossil and nuclear rollback. Nuclear power and gas are being given a green label and even the hard-won, much too late coal phase-out is to be reversed when gas becomes scarce. We oppose this with all our might and we will prevent the expansion of infrastructure for dirty gas.

Gas phase-out instead of gas lock-in!

The German government concludes shady long-term supply contracts for particularly climate-damaging liquefied natural gas and ensures overnight that the coasts are plastered with LNG terminals and pipelines. With an outrageous acceleration-law, important environmental impact assesments are thrown overboard without batting an eye. But that gas is clean and has no alternative is nothing but a dirty lie. The methane in gas is an even more blatant climate killer than CO2 and an accelerant of the climate crisis. Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that we have less than three years left to turn the tide.
Now is the time to act, before facts are created with the expansion of gas infrastructure. Let’s end this absurdity now!
Fossil lobby politics has resulted in (fracked) gas being purchasable until 2043. This gas is first and foremost to secure the profits of the energy-hungry industry in the huge chemical parks. While corporations like RWE, Uniper, Shell, DOW Chemical and Co. rake in fat profits, they nevertheless raise energy prices immeasurably. For more wealth and continued economic growth, corporations and countries in the Global North continue to use neocolonial exploitation. Whether from Russia, Colombia, Qatar, the U.S., Argentina, Senegal, or anywhere else, every cubic meter of gas we use means the climate catastrophe is worsening and leads to environmental destruction, exploitation, displacement, poisoned drinking water, and persecution of anyone in the Global South who resists.

We say: Get out of LNG immediately, out of gas and all fossil energies. Now it’s definitely Ende Gelände!

Our answer: Resistance!

From August 09 to 15, 2022, we are setting up a large climate camp near Hamburg. We want to make the strength of the climate justice movement visible and further connect it with other social and international movements. We invite everyone who opposes capitalism, patriarchy, fascism, militarization, racism, ableism, anti-semitism and other forms of oppression, because a society in solidarity is something we must fight for together. At the camp and in the actions we want to make the connection of different struggles visible. Together and simultaneously with a multitude of activists on the frontlines and groups around the world, we will oppose the colonial gas crimes during our international days of action. All general information about the camp and the action days of all groups can be found here.

In and around Hamburg we will disrupt the fossil and neocolonial conditions with manifold actions of civil disobedience this summer. Besides the terminal locations, the port of Hamburg still stands for colonial exploitation trade, is a hub for arms trade, nuclear transports and a transhipment point for raw materials and blood coal from all over the world. We counter this with our visions of a society based on solidarity and alternative economic models such as degrowth. We will only have affordable and just energy-supply if it is renewable and if we decide about it ourselves on a global scale without corporations and without capitalism. We call for a radical transition towards renewable heat-sources. We will show that we have 100 billion better ideas than investing money in war, weapons, gas and more climate-damaging infrastructure.

Come with us to Hamburg! Auf geht’s, ab geht’s, Ende Gelände!