Colorful Finger

Block’n’ Roll – Smash exclusion!

With the Colorful Finger in the action

Also in 2020 we want to break down the barriers in direct action and stand up with civil disobedience for an immediate coal exit and for climate justice! The last two mass actions in 2019 in the Rhineland and in Lusatia have shown that blockades can also be made less barrier-bound and more inclusive. We cannot achieve complete accessibility, but with the „Colorful Finger“ we can create a less barrier-prone and more inclusive form of action.

The magnificent rail cast of the coal railway by the Colorful Finger has highly motivated us and is proof that the fight for the climate is above all about the fight for a just society in which EVERYONE is equally involved.

Anyone can block coal!

That’s why come with us to the Rhenish brown coal mining area from 23 to 28 September 2020 – because the coal exit is and remains in our hands!

The Colorful Finger is open to people with and without physical limitations or dis_abilities, to wheelchair users and people who do not have the capacity to walk for miles over fields or jump down demolition edges.

Important: The Colorful Finger is a finger and not a demonstration! We will stand up with civil disobedience for an immediate coal exit and climate justice. Also read the action consensus of Ende Gelände.

Feel free to contact us in advance with your needs! For example, for sign language interpreting, whether you are coming with a wheelchair or walker, whether you need a barrier-free sleeping place or for further information.

Here is our mail address: (PGP-Key). For security reasons we recommend encrypted communication.

NEW THIS YEAR –> Buddy System 

This year we would like to try out a buddy system with which we bring people into contact with each other who need or can offer assistance before and/or during the action.

You would like to participate, but you are still missing a buddy who can provide assistance on the journey or during the action? Tell us what your needs are, such as accompaniment for people in wheelchairs or blind people, translation in sign language, … and what you personally need.

You would like to offer assistance? It’s best to tell us what kind of assistance you can imagine.

Send us your information and we will try to get in touch with you so that you can meet before the action and maybe go together to the action training.

Further Info

  • More information with action trainings, finger placement and much more you will find here soon.
  • There will be mobile barrier-free toilets in the action.
  • Prior to the action there will be a legal workshop on the topic of obstruction and repression. There you can clarify questions or concerns regarding a possible denial of identity and repression.
  • Read about your “getting there” here!

Come with us from 23 to 29 September to the Rhineland Coalfield, numerous, motivated and colourful! We are looking forward to you!

We won’t let others dis_able us – Block ‘n’ Roll for climate justice! 

*** good to know: We deliberately write dis_ability with underscore to point out the social construction of dis_ability.