EA-Number Rügen 2023

In the box below you will see an individual number that you can tell the legal team if you are held in custody and want to contact the legal team anonymously. You can also give the number to your affinity group or friends so that they can inquire about you at the legal team. Please remember: Every person in custody has the right to successfully contact any person they trust. You can reach the legal team at 0049-(0)30 34060313.

Please keep in mind that our system can only work if everyone whose number was (potentially) submitted to us during the action also reports back by phone or signal when they are free again (after being held in custody in the GESA or a kettle). If you are not sure whether your number has been passed on to us by others (e.g. in the kettle): Better call us once too often than too rarely and let us know briefly if everything is fine.

Here is your individual number **):


**) Info: With the legal team number generator a lot of numbers can be produced, up to infinity, so to speak 😉
They are not generated in a complete row. If you reload the page, a new number will be created immediately. Don’t let this irritate you, and just write down the first/best number, it’s your individual and unique legal team number!

Please read the current legal aid manual: LINK WILL BE HERE SHORTLY.

For questions contact us at legalcare_ost@systemli.org. We recommend to encrypt your mails with PGP. The public PGP-KEY can be found here.