Packing List Lusatia

What to bring for the action:

Ende Gelände isn’t just a summer thing. Fighting for a fossil-fuel phase-out means continuous work, regardless of the season. Instead of sweltering summer heat, this time we will be braving the cold and, quite possibly, the rain. However, this doesn’t dampen the spirit and energy of climate movement one bit – on the contrary, we see it as a great and exciting challenge!
In order for everybody to be well prepared and cared for, it is important that you bring the things that you will need during the action itself (food and drink as well as protection against the cold and rain). In addition, please bring the following:

• Sturdy, warm shoes (preferably hiking boots)
• Warm, robust, old clothes that can get dirty and are warm enough (long underwear etc.)
• Raincoat / Rain trousers
• Scarf/warm hat and lots of warm clothes
• waterproof general purpose cloth
• The signature Ende Gelände dust protection white suits and masks (in case you’ve got them, if not we will have some for you) – also available in cotton (more sturdy and reusable for a second wave 🙂 )
• umbrella (if possible small, ideally with a political message on them)
• food (supplies and snacks for about 48 hours) – we cannot guarantee that the blockades can always be supplied with food
• A sufficient amount of water (at least 2 litres), for drinking and rinsing your eyes after use of tear gas or similar by the police
• refillable water bottles
• fast-drying Superglue
• Identity papers in case you wish to identify yourself to the police if you get detained
• Cash for train tickets, donations for food, action material and general action costs
• First aid kit for smaller injuries
• Rescue/thermal blanket (the gold/silver ones) – good against the cold
• An amount of any medicine you need to take regularly that is sufficient for the period you intend to stay in the action plus a bit of extra in case you get detained
• old sleeping bags – keep in mind that coal is dirty 😉 – for additional warmth and protection we can highly recommend thermal/rescue blankets, for example: (also available for cheaper prices); alternatively you can buy a sturdier rescue blanket and make your own sleeping bag from it
• isolating mats/rug to sleep on that can get dirty and does not tear easily
• flashlight or headlamp
• foil or tarp as protection against the cold and rain
• banners with political messages
• Some nice and eco-friendly (biodegradable) decoration for the place of action
• Books, playing cards or anything else to keep you busy when in a long-lasting blockade
• Earphones and (if available) radio or smartphone with radio (to listen to translations)
• Musical instruments that are not too sensitive (could get dirty or broken)
• print out the song texts and slogans and bring them along so that we can sing them loudly and proudly
• make sure that your baggage is not too heavy. You will need to move with it from place to place, at times possibly rather quickly

What to bring for the overnight stays in the arrival cities:

For Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig you will need:
• a sleeping bag
• a sleeping mat
• toiletries and a towel…
• cash for donations for food, the action etc.

What to leave at home (or at your overnight hosts)

• Anything that contains information about yourself and/or other people and that you do not need urgently during the action (e.g. diaries, your private phones, documents showing medical information)
• Anything that could be considered a weapon (yes, in doubt please also leave even your beloved Swiss pocket knife behind)
• camera (there will be enough designated photographers shooting pictures)
• For the (unlikely) event that the police will resort to using pepper spray or tear gas, it is better not to put on make-up or lotions with a high oily content; for the same reason, it is better not to wear contact lenses. Please also consider whether you need to wear jewellery – it may not be really convenient when, for example, a sit-in blockade is evicted by the police
• And obviously, alcohol and drugs have no place during the blockade!

In general

• Take something with you that can be used as a radio (smartphone with radio function, radio receiver,…) and earphones to be able to listen to the interpreters during plenary sessions (Plenaries might be in English with translation in other languages)