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Anti-Colonial Attack!

(Information about the action at Brunsbüttel can be found here)

Action zones

This year there will be two action zones. One of them is the ChemCoast Park near Brunsbüttel, the other one in Hamburg. We will block infrastructure there that is connected to natural gas extraction and neo-colonial structures.

The action in Hamburg – Anti-Colonial Attack – is supported by a majority migrant and post-migrant self-organisation. The action is mainly aimed at BIPoC and migrants or affinity groups with BIPoC/ migrants. You or you are a white affinity group? You are also invited. However, please reflect your position, be in solidarity and do not push yourself to the fore. Know your place.. *)

You will find infos at our social-media accounts:

Arrival and registration

In order to better estimate the number of activists in both action areas and to coordinate the journey, we have developed a registration tool. For Hamburg you can register now. You can find more information about the journey here. (including the packing list :))

Current information on site

At the Cafe Knallhart on the campus of the University of Hamburg you can get information about the action. Please don’t have too many people at this place at the same time, it should mainly be there for information and offer space for retreat. There will be a map with directions, here are the directions from the main station:
At the main station take the S21 (direction Elbgaustraße) or S31 (direction Altona) and get off at Dammtor station. When you leave the station, turn left along Edmund-Siemers-Allee (becomes Grindelallee) until you see the Mineralogical Museum on the right-hand side (Grindelallee 48) and take the small park path on the right until you reach the pond (900 m, approx. 12 min walk). On the right hand side you will find the Cafe Knallhart (address: Von-Melle-Park 9).

Take Care: Your safety

Please note the Take Care page with information on health risks and dangers during the actions!

Infos about legal matters for the action in Hamburg: click here!

*) read also:

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