Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!


In 2018 there will be Ende Gelände mass acts of civil disobedience against coal again! We want to protect the Hambacher Forst (occupied forest in Hambach) and put an end to coal mining. Therefore we will be there when the RWE cutting season starts in October or November in the Rhineland mining area. The action will also take place if the cutting season is cancelled. Because even if this was the case, there would still be plenty of reasons to fight for the end of coal mining and climate justice now!

Also in other areas there will be acts of civil disobedience in 2018. We will support climate camps and actions of our European friends. They have been contributing to the extension of the german anti-coal movement in the last years. Ende Gelände will be supporting in front of all two actions: the action organized by „Limity jsme my“ against coal in Czech Republic (28th of June – 1st of July) and the action organized by „Code Rood“ against fracking and gas in the Netherlands (24th – 31st of August).

An outline for October:

It would be great if you could arrive on the 25th of October in order to have enough time to prepare the action together. As for the date of departure we suggest Monday, the 29th of October. This way there will be enough time for aftercare and reflection of our action and to wrap things up together. We would also like to encourage you to stay for some time longer in the area and to support the Hambach forest okupation!

Here’s some information which we have used in the past, that could already by useful to you right now:

We want to strengthen our movement and broadly distribute important skills. Therefore we organize trainings and knowledge sharing. Maybe there’s an activist climate group close to you and you can connect. And even if there isn’t a group already – why not start one right where you’re at? 🙂