Block the fracking gas terminal! End neo-colonial exploitation!

– Mass action in Brunsbüttel from 29 July to 2 August 2021 –

(Call for Global Action on July, 30th + + +  Call for Anti-Colonial Attac in Hamburg)

More fossils? Not with us!

We are in the middle of the climate crisis – and what are politics and business doing? They continue to stubbornly build on fossil fuels, this time in Brunsbüttel with a new import terminal for fracking gas, funded with millions of euros. We have had enough of this life-threatening ignorance, we say End Gelände! We will block the construction of the terminal from 29 July to 2 August with an mass action of civil disobedience. We will also create low barrier participation possibilities. Only together we are able to fight for a climate-just world and overcome discriminatory conditions.

Gas is an accelerant of the climate crisis

The stubborn “carry on” towards fossil infrastructure is disastrous. Just like coal, gas is an accelerant of the climate crisis, because in addition to CO2, the even more harmful methane is also released during extraction and transport. In addition, fracking poisons soils and drinking water. And once again, both particularly affect people in the Global South and indigenous communities.

Let’s end centuries of colonialism!

The plan for a fracking gas terminal in Brunsbüttel thus continues the story of the climate crisis. This history is one of displacement, persecution and colonialism by countries and corporations of the Global North. We therefore stand in solidarity with the resistance of indigenous groups and people in the Global South who have long resisted the fueling of the climate crisis and the destruction of their livelihoods. Our action is part of a transnational day of action against gas.

Clean gas? Dirty lie!

Politics and business are shamelessly trying to sell us gas as clean. The gas industry lobbies at all levels and now gas is even to be greenwashed in the EU’s new taxonomy regulation alongside life-threatening nuclear power and receive further financial injections. We strongly oppose this! The power of the gas industry is also felt by the people in Germany and Europe who are fighting against fracking on their doorstep. We stand in solidarity with them, because we know: clean gas is a dirty lie!

Get to the root of the evil: abolish capitalism!

We live in a system that puts profits and growth above livelihoods. Whether it’s gas, coal, oil or nuclear, capitalism is pushing the limits of the planet. In summer, we will stand in the way of this system in Brunsbüttel. And in autumn we will stand alongside the people in the villages in the Rhineland threatened by coal mining. We are not only fighting for an immediate exit from gas and coal, but also for a fundamental change towards a climate-just world. System Change, not Climate Change!