For many years we have used the finger concept in our actions. It means that we go out in several “demonstration processions” and go to different blockade sites in order to blockade more effectively. Fingers usually have a colour, like the “silver finger”. Which one you go in usually doesn’t matter, but this time there will be fingers with specific target groups again.

Barrier-free in the mass action against fossil gas from 29 July to 2 August in Brunsbüttel

We are working to ensure that this year’s Ende Gelände mass action will have several fingers that are barrier-free.

In order to give as many people as possible access to the action, we are calling on all activists to participate in creating a barrier-free action.

Unlike last year, there will be no multi-coloured finger! This one has disbanded due to justified criticism. Therefore, this year in Brunsbüttel there will be cross-finger structures to break down barriers in the action. More information about this can be found here
If you want to join the action without barriers, you can get more information at the action plenaries at the camp in Brunsbüttel or you can contact us here:


Besides the action at ChemCoast-Park near Brunsbüttel, there will be a second place of action this time: Hamburg! There, infrastructure connected to natural gas extraction and neo-colonial structures will be blocked.
The action in Hamburg – Anti-Colonial Attack – is supported by a majority migrant and post-migrant self-organisation. The action is mainly aimed at BIPoC and migrants or affinity groups with BIPoC/ migrants. You or you are a white affinity group? You are also invited. However, please reflect your position, be in solidarity and do not push yourself to the fore. Know your place.
You can find more information and an appeal here:


There will be at least one finger where communication will also be in English.

You will get all further information about the fingers at the action plenaries at the camp in Brunsbüttel and at the assembly point in Hamburg.