Multi-Colored Finger

With the Wheelchair to Ende Gelände? It’s possible!

At this year’s mass action in the Rhineland there was for the first time the Multi-coloured Finger. This consisted of wheelchair users*, people on crutches, children, physically handicapped people and people who had signed a cease-and-desist declaration from RWE. The finger will also be open for people who do not have the capacity to walk for miles over fields, edges and through police chains.

Although the finger was only spontaneously planned at the camp shortly before the action, it was already able to blockade a central road. Now the next action is approaching and we would like to invite you to come to the Lusatian coal district from 29th November to 1st December 2019, numerous, motivated and colourful!

Important: The colorful finger is a finger and not a demonstration. We will fight with civil disobedience for the immediate exit of coal and climate justice. Nevertheless everyone* is welcome in our finger. If activists with children want to join, we will try to enable two action levels.

Are you with us? Then come to Berlin on Friday morning, 29 November, at the latest. You can find the daily program with action trainings, finger positioning and much more on the homepage a few weeks before the action.

If we need information from you in advance, e.g. barrier-free sleeping place in Berlin, medication or similar, please contact us at (PGP-key). For security reasons we recommend encrypted communication.
We are looking forward to seeing you!