6th Climate and Energy Camp in Lusatia from 9th-16th of May 2016 in Proschim

From 9th-16th of May 2016, the 6th Climate and Energy Camp in Lusatia is going to take place in Proschim. The camp will provide a place for exchange, networking and skill sharing around energy and climate. More information on https://www.lausitzcamp.info/

The English version of the call out is being worked on and can be found here soon…

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13. September 2023 Welcome to newsletter number 22, a schnapps number this time. Fittingly, we are celebrating our birthday this year and are still here for you after 10 years - because repression has unfortunately not stopped. The focus this time is on how the police actually identify people from whom they have not received any personal data, based on our experiences so far. Continue reading ...