++ Ende Gelände goes Hamburg ++ Global South frontliners from Namibia and Argentina make urgent call to action ++

EG climate camp 2022 in Hamburg receives support from Global South frontliners calling to join the mobilization to stop gas and fracking projects in the Global South fueling European consumption.

Screenshot Twitter-Post by ShaleMustFall: "Global South frontliners from Namibia and Argentina make urgent call to action to come together globally with @Ende__Gelaende & @ShaleMustFall this August!"

ShaleMustFall has published an urgent call to action by two Global South frontliners urging activists to stand up against gas, LNG infrastructure and neocolonial structures.

They have shared their appeal in a Twitter message, which can be viewed here as well:


Clean gas is a dirty lie!


Mobilization Material Ende Gelände 2022

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Newsletter #04/22

28. June 2022 Slowly but surely we have arrived in summer and the Ende Gelände camp and action are getting closer. To get you in the mood, we want to share this year's action consensus and call with you today. Colorful stickers and posters are also printed and waiting to be distributed by you. Continue reading ...

Debt for Climate

Debt is a neo-colonial means of oppression and exploitation! World Bank,IMF&private institutions like BlackRock use debt as a means to force countries of the Global South to give territories/commodities to corporations from the Global North. Senegal and Argentina are just two examples of how debt drives the exploitation of fossil resources. That’s why we support … Continued Continue reading ...

Action Conference in Hamburg, July 10, 2022

27. June 2022 📣System Change Camp and Action Days in Hamburg: August 9-15, 2022📣 👉We as Ende Gelände are part of this, together with many other groups! We want to network and unite our struggles. To plan the camp and the days of action, we invite all groups who want to participate to the action conference on July 10, 2022 in Hamburg at the Centro Sociale from 10am- 6pm. Continue reading ...