Stop Coal. Protect the Climate!

Evaluation meeting from 1st to 3rd December in Kassel

From December 1st (6 p.m.) to 3rd (2 p.m.), we will evaluate our August- and Novemberactions. And nope, this time we won’t meet in a circus tent, it’s getting a bit cold – in thoughts at the people in the Hambacher Forest…

…but in the “Freie Schule in Kassel, Brandenburgstraße 5.

What will we talk about?

We will evaluate the last two actions, both the action, but also how our structures worked.

Do you have to bring something?

Yes. Please bring a sleeping bag and pad. We will provide food 🙂

It’s your first Ende Gelände meeting?

There won’t be any special introductions for new people, but you are obvioulsly highly invited to attend, no matter if you came to any of our actions or not. We always try to provide a smoth entry into our structures.

Please let us know that you will come

That we know how many people will attend, please register until the 26th of November. Already too late, better too late than never: https://kound.de/NaAk/Kassel_2017/anmelden.html

Find more informations

here: https://www.ende-gelaende.org/events/ende-gelaende-buendnis-nachbereitungstreffen/


Newsletter #32 – Hambach Forest: we continue fighting – powerful, diverse and determined!

18. September 2018 It is quite unbelievable: forests and embankments are burning around us, harvests are withering, scientists are warning more urgently than ever, that the earth is threatened by a “hot age”. Still RWE stubbornly insists that it is compulsory to continue clearing the Hambach forest now – and do not even want to wait until the negotiations in the "coal exit delay commission" have been concluded. Continue reading ...