Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie (Together against the animal industry): The hotspot of the meat industry is the focus of our protest

Call to action: Actiondays and Camp from 23 – 27 September 2022. Fighting for an end to the animal industry in the Oldenburg region. Ende Gelände is one of the signatories of the call.

[More infos at: Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie (Together against the animal industry)]

Toward the shutdown of the meat industry

This summer, we take our united protest to the center of the German meat industry: the Oldenburger Land. Between 23 and 27 September 2022, we will take a stand against the meat industry: with a large-scale, rebellious action and further individual, creative protests, we will demand radical change in the agriculture and food systems.

The meat industry: a system of exploitation and destruction

The meat industry causes many problems, among them: land theft and hunger, exploitation of workers and farmers, massive greenhouse gas emissions, environmental destruction, and the oppression and killing of animals. Where could this industry be hit more effectively than where it feels most comfortable: in the Oldenburger Land. In this triangle between Bremen, Oldenburg, and Osnabrück, there are rows upon rows of feedlots, slaughterhouses, meat processing factories, and feed mills. The biggest profiteers of the animal industry are there: large meat corporations, above all, PHW (Wiesenhof), Vion, Tönnies, and Westfleisch.

Our demand: food system change

This year – with your support – we will make the large spectrum of social catastrophes, which the animal industry is responsible for, transparent. We will expose how the exploitation of humans, animals, and nature is intertwined with capitalist production. We will unite our forces and arrange a variety of colorful and resolute activities and protests.

The protests of the last years have made a difference, but we must prevent the meat industry from perpetuating harmful practices by making superficial adjustments – adjustments such as the abandonment of service contracts, pretended “animal welfare”, and the adherence to supply-chain laws. We want to make clear that there is no way to get around a complete shutdown of the meat industry; we need extensive systemic change to achieve a good life for all – including animals – within planetary boundaries; and the Global North must take responsibility.

Call to action

We are calling on everyone to join us in Oldenburger Land! Take part in our large-scale protest, or plan your own activities! Only together can we achieve the shutdown of the animal industry! Let us set a milestone in the fight for an ecological food system and agricultural transformation!

The activities will take place from 23 to 27 September. There will be a camp in Quakenbrück; a large demonstration in Vechta on Saturday (24 September); and further actions in the region. Stay up to date and participate in the planning and organization process – for example, enter our new community space, or become a member of the alliance.

If you would like to participate in the planning of the demonstration in Vechta, you are welcome to send us an email to


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