Guide to Civil Disobedience for trans*, inter*, non-binary and agender (= TINA) people now online

This guide by the Trans-Action collective seeks to give advice to TINA (meaning: trans*, inter, non-binary, and agender) people taking part in civil disobedience actions. It was drafted by folks from northern, western, and southern Europe, drawing on their experience as genderqueer activists and trainers, mostly within the climate justice movement.


The guide, which was written in English and translated into German, can now be found here for reading in German and here in English.
Print versions (PDF, Booklet A5 -> -> Print Guide) are available in German, Englisch, Italian, French, Portuguese und Spanish (Castellan).

The advice is addressing TINA individuals directly.
That’s because we [the authors] see a need to provide information enabling TINA people to reflect on the particular risks and possibilities they face when participating in civil disobedience actions. However, we would like to emphasise the responsibility of the movement as a whole and its organisers in particular.

Climate justice activism – and many other likeminded struggles – seem to assume normative kinds of activists and bodies participating in their actions: a white, cis, non-disabled, neurotypical (and sometimes even male) body. The cis-sexism that TINA individuals face is, like all other forms of discrimination against marginalised groups, not their responsibility. Rather, it’s the responsibility of the people who benefit from oppressive systems of power and privilege. Therefore, the movement as a whole, but especially organisers and support structures, need to address the experiences of TINA folks as much as every other marginalised group.

If you are trans*, inter, non-binary, and/or agender, we invite you to consider this advice for yourself.

If you are not, please reflect on your own privilege and dismantle the opressive structures under which your TINA comrades and many other marginalised folks suffer.

[Read the guide – English]

*) Print version Instructions: Print on both sides and mirror the short edge. Fold in the middle so that the cover is at the front – the flyer is ready!



31. March 2024 Hello, There is a lot of news: After the Lüterzath eviction, the first trial dates are now trickling in, the prison sentence against a BlockNeurath activist has been overturned, but there are also a lot of other trials, of which we can probably only discuss a fraction. This time, for the further training, we have dealt with the accusation of coercion, which we are particularly concerned with in the prosecution of all kinds of blockades. And of course: AntiRRR has been around for over 10 years now. But read for yourself. Continue reading ...