HowTo-Video: Dealing with Sexualized Violence at Ende Gelände

Our patriarchal society is marked by rape culture. That is why there are also cases of sexualized violence in the leftist scene and unfortunately also at Ende Gelände 🙁 The EG Contact Group (Ansprechgruppe) wants to create a structure to support affected persons and to prevent future violence.

Comic-like drawing, camp situation in the rain, one person asks another for a sleeping tent.

[Preview-Picture HowTo-video: Dealing with sexualised violence at Ende Gelände]

In order to create greater sensitivity and attention for the topic, this small video was created: “Dealing with sexualised violence at Ende Gelände”, which you can find on YouTube:

The basis for the video is the Guideline for dealing with sexualized violence in Ende Gelände published by Ende Gelände in 2021.

As a contact group of Ende Gelände, we have created two email addresses as a means of contact. Feel free to write to us if you have been affected by sexualised violence at Ende Gelände or if you have questions, suggestions or feedback for us. Even if you want to become part of the contact group or set up your own, we would be happy to hear from you.

At (PGP-Key) you can reach the entire contact group, at (PGP) only FLINTA* persons can read and reply.

Do you need professional support? You can find concrete help by phone, online or on site here:



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